8 Incredibly Effective Tips for Getting past Awful Breakup Guilt ...


8 Incredibly Effective Tips for Getting past Awful Breakup Guilt ...
8 Incredibly Effective Tips for Getting past Awful Breakup Guilt ...

Breakup Tips typically have to do with how to give over a breakup. However, what happens when you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and now you feel guilty? This happens to everyone: even though you know it was the right choice, you can't help feeling awful, even guilty, for breaking up with your ex. There are precious few dating tips for that kind of situation – but I've got you covered! You don't have to deal with post traumatic breakup syndrome, ladies. All you need are these incredibly effective dating tips for getting past awful breakup guilt.

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Recognize How You Feel

One of the best breakup tips for breakup guilt involves recognizing your guilt for what it is. Guilt is common, but giving into it for an extended period can run you down. It's important not to make yourself feel bad for feeling guilty. Just because you broke up with someone does not make you a bad person.


Accepting your emotions is a crucial step towards healing. Acknowledge that you're human, and feeling remorseful is a natural response, especially if the relationship held significant meaning in your life. Remember, it's okay to grieve the loss of what once was. However, do not let guilt become a permanent resident in your mind. Learn to forgive yourself; self-compassion is essential to move forward positively.


Pinpoint Your Triggers

Typically, when you start feeling guilty for splitting with someone, it's because you ran across a trigger that makes you think about your ex. That might be a shirt, a card, a picture, an old book – almost anything that reminds you of that person. Feelings of guilt might even be triggered by evidence that you're moving on from the relationship. To get past this guilt, you have to start pinpointing what makes you feel that way.


Learn What's Appropriate

Some guilt is appropriate and some guilt is inappropriate. One of the key breakup tips for getting past it has to two with learning which is which. For example, did you do something wrong that caused the breakup? Did you use your ex, cheat, or something like that? If so, guilt is an appropriate response – but, again, none of this makes you a bad person. You're only a human and you made a mistake. Inappropriate guilt stems from manipulation tactics, which brings me to...


...harboring feelings of guilt over things beyond your control. Remember, a relationship involves two parties, and sometimes, despite your best efforts, things simply don't work out. It's crucial to distinguish between what you're personally responsible for and what occurrences are a result of both people's actions, or even external factors. Don't let undue guilt over the inevitable ebb and flow of life's experiences weigh you down. By focusing on the lessons learned and the growth experienced, you empower yourself to move forward with grace and self-compassion.


Avoid Manipulation Tactics

It's unfortunately not uncommon for an ex to try to manipulate you. He might flood you with apologies, she might beg you to come back, and there might be lots of vows about how the future will be better if you can just get back together. Friends or family members might question your breakup and express disappointment. Even if it comes from a good place, all of these are cases of emotional manipulation, and you do not need to feel guilty as a result.


Remember to stand your ground. Emotional appeals using memories or promises of change can tug at your heartstrings, but they do not guarantee genuine transformation. It's okay to acknowledge the feelings you shared, but also crucial to remember the reasons why the breakup occurred. Trust in your own judgment and don't be swayed by fleeting moments of nostalgia or persuasion. Your emotional health is paramount, and setting boundaries is not only justified—it's vital for your well-being. Remember, guilt is a normal emotion, but it should not dictate your decisions amidst manipulation.


Think about Your Relationship

Many breakup tips for this problem involve thinking back. Remember, hindsight is 20/20 and everything looks clearer in retrospect. If you're feeling guilty, take an honest look back at your relationship. Are you idealizing it after the fact? Think about the things that really went wrong, and ask yourself if you need to feel bad for making the right choice.


Reflect on the dynamics between you and your partner during your time together. Often, we gloss over the negatives and fixate on the positives when we're feeling nostalgic. But it's essential to acknowledge both the good and the bad. Consider the fights, misunderstandings, and disappointments that might have been recurring themes. Were your needs being met? Was there mutual respect and support? If not, then you might have made a difficult, yet necessary decision. By gaining a balanced perspective, you can begin to forgive yourself and move forward with less guilt.


Identify Who's Inspiring the Guilt

Going back to manipulation tactics, you need to think about the people who make you feel the most guilt. Is your best friend dating one of his friends, and worrying about how this will affect her relationship? Is your mother wondering when you'll meet The One now? Realizing who's actually inspiring your guilty feelings is an essential step toward stopping them.


Sometimes, our social circle can inadvertently contribute to guilt. It might be an offhand comment from a colleague about your "constant relationship bad luck," a look of disappointment from a sibling who adored your ex, or a neighbor asking prying questions about your personal life. Recognize the external pressures and remind yourself that your emotional well-being is not a public affair. Your decisions should be guided by your own values and needs, not by the need to satisfy others' expectations or prove them wrong. By acknowledging this, you can start to alleviate the weight of guilt and reclaim your personal sovereignty.


Think Positive

This is one of the most important breakup tips you can ever follow, no matter what. You have to think positive. Over time you will stop feeling guilty. Moreover, you'll recognize that you don't really have any need to, especially if you split with your ex because you know it was ultimately best for both of you.


Opening yourself up to positive thinking is integral to healing. Acknowledge that every end is a new beginning. Embrace the potential for growth and focus on the steps you're taking towards a brighter future. You didn't just lose a relationship; you gained the chance to rediscover yourself and explore life on your terms. Let optimism be your guide and watch as it paves the way for new experiences, friendships, and love. After all, a positive mindset is a key ingredient to fostering resilience and finding happiness in life's next chapter.


Have Patience

The key is having patience. It's a long hard road, and you have to be kind to yourself while you walk it. Don't force yourself to get over your feelings; let them fade naturally.

If you're dealing with guilty feelings for breaking up with someone, even though he or she wasn't right for you, then these breakup tips should definitely help. The thing is, good breakup tips aren't all about getting over the sadness; they're also about getting past feelings of guilt and anger, when are extremely common when you split with someone. When you feel guilty about a split, which breakup tips help you the most?

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At the weekend, my ex came back to me 10 months after we broke up. It was a clean breakup and we had only kissed during the 6 months we went out for, nothing else, and I was and now am pleased that was the case. We are both 17. He came up to me recently butI tried to avoid him but he still came. It was awkward so I just told him that it was a surprise that he came up to me and said 'I hope you know that nothing is ever going to happen between for reasons that I'm sure you know.' He then said that he didn't understand so I was blunt, told him the truth and said that i was sorry if I hurt his feelings and we departed and I've heard nothing from him until today. I accidentally, and I mean accidentally, sent a text to my best friend (girl) that said that 'it was nice to talk and i hope we can catch up again soon. :) Wuu2? xxx'. my ex got this message and I had to explain to him that it wasn't to him, but he didn't believe me. When I really pushed at said that it was to my best friend, he took it as my new bf and got stressy on me and made me feel bad. A few text messages later he said that 'well i suppose that's what I should expect. I don't know wether I can live my life without you tho. Should I end my misery?' by this i am sure he means suicide. What the hell should I do?????? Thanks

thankyou. This is the best advice ive gotten so far.

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