7 Tips on How to Make Him Brag about You ...


Do you want to know how to make him brag about you? You know, the most important guy in your life, your boyfriend or your husband? I think all women love when they know that their guy is happy and showing it by the way they talk about them. Let me give you a few little tips on how to make him brag about you.

1. Watch Football with Him

Watch football with your guy. One of the best options for how to make him brag about you is to watch whatever he is watching. It doesn’t have to be football. Whatever he is watching works. Most guys love to have time doing something together, including watching TV.

Cook for Him


Abigail Jaiyeola
okay the gifts bit, is wrong
Like the tips a lot. Hope so it works well on my hubby👫
Maiya White
@Brittany I'm really sorry about your bf. Maybe it's him but I do most of these things and me and my boyfriend get along great and I love his friends! Might be time for a guy who appreciates you for your amazingness!
I do most of that and my guy is pretty much to into his self to give anyone else credit for anything... Doesn't work
That's so funny I can't believe that actual works for people I'm gonna tell everyone about that and what cite
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