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Top 10 Tips on Getting over Awkward Dating Situations ...

By Sici

Dating should be fun, but it can also be a minefield. First dates and dates early in a relationship, in particular, are more prevalent to disaster than a relationship that is maturing. Here are some tips for dealing with awkward dating situations.

1 Laugh

Laugh, laugh, and hope that your date laughs too. There is no easier way to get over an awkward situation than with laughter. No matter what happens, whether you got food in your hair, or accidentally dropped a steak in your lap, it is not the end of the world (or the date) and the date can be made a lot easier by just laughing it off.

2 Come Prepared!

Ah, the “awkward silence”. Those horrible pregnant pauses are a common feature of dating. A situation nobody wants to come into at all, and the more aware you are of it, the worse it is! So, if possible come with a few special conversation starters should this arise. If they are relevant then the awkwardness should go unnoticed.

3 The Escape Phone Call

This may be something you think only works in films, but if you are apprehensive about the date, it can be worth making sure your friend gives you a call at some point. This is a tricky one as it needs a convincing reaction from you, but if you really want to get out of there it can be a godsend! Make sure you have a reason for him not to come so that your date doesn’t drive you to the other side of the UK to save their dying cat.

4 Keep Trying

The moment you give up on trying to save the situation, it’s going to get even worse. Just persevere until you have a chance to get out of there, rather than let the silences and the discomfort overcome your evening. If the situation is irretrievable, don’t stress about it, the dating scene is full of potential partners.

5 Remember You Can Leave

If something has gone catastrophically wrong, or you dislike something they have said – you can go. There is no reason why you have to stay – so let them know if you really are not interested at all and think it’s time to end it. Refer back to point 4 – there’s plenty more fish in the dating pool.

6 Be Honest

The most awkward part of dating is when it comes to expectations. You do not want to try and overcome the awkward situation by taking the easy route and doing as they expect. There is nothing wrong with honestly telling them that you have reservations about it. Although it may seem hard, it is a lot better than hiding it and making the situation worse.

7 Be Understanding

These awkward situations may not have been entirely caused by deficiencies in your date, so if anything does go wrong, then make sure that you treat them as you would like to be treated in that same situation. Let them know that you do not mind and try and move onwards and upwards.

8 People Watch

This is a good way to distract the attention from the awkwardness of your date by creating a situation where finally you aren’t both in the spotlight. Look at the people surrounding you and discuss them –there will be plenty of others around you who are enjoying their dating experiences.

9 Small Talk

Well, it’s better than no talk!

10 Don’t Let It Affect You

Awkward situations have a tendency to create more awkward situations. You will be trying so hard to avoid it that you might find you get more stressed about it. If something undesirable happens, then just carry on as you were. Remember dating is a joint affair and your date is in it too, so will be grateful for your step in a positive direction!

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