Top 10 Tips for Reducing First Date Nerves ...


Top 10 Tips for Reducing First Date Nerves ...
Top 10 Tips for Reducing First Date Nerves ...

Going on a first date can be a really exciting and fun experience, but because we are all human and we all have hang ups about different things, it can also be a really anxiety inducing and nerve wracking experience too! Once you have made the decision to put yourself out there and agree to a first date with someone new, the trick is to employ lots of techniques to keep you as calm as possible both before and during the date itself! You want to be as relaxed as possible so you can make a good first impression and have fun with your new potential love interest. Here are the top ten tips for reducing first date nerves!

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Switch Your Habits

hair, human hair color, hairstyle, girl, blond, If you tend to have a routine for getting ready for a date, then try switching it up so that your changed regime is the thing that you are focusing on rather than the prospect of your up coming date!


Treat Yourself

finger, alcohol, drink, Take some anxiety out of the situation by treating yourself to something nice in the preparation process. It might be a stunning new dress, it might be a few pieces of nice jewellery, or even some fresh new makeup. These things will make you feel more excited to get out there!


No Pressure

black, photograph, black and white, photography, darkness, Try not to think about the date as the start of something potentially life changing, just think of it as another foray in to the world of romance that may or may not work. Keep your expectations low and you will be pleasantly surprised.



girl, human, human behavior, scene, There are lots of little things that you can do in order to practise self soothing before a date. You can do breathing exercise, you can make sure that you are well hydrated, and you can stay as cool as possible. The last thing you want to do is leave hot and flustered!


Attitude Change

forehead, human, mouth, muscle, girl, Try to identify all of the thought processes that have made you so nervous about dates before, and work to complete change all of those attitudes. Don’t worry about being liked or going the extra mile, just be yourself and if he likes it, he likes it!


Familiar Spot

nature, grass, emotion, romance, love, Don’t add extra stress to the occasion by agreeing to a date in a place that you are not familiar with. If you stick to the bars and restaurants that you already know, then you don’t have to be worried about that side of the date.


Back-up Plan

interaction, girl, Make sure that you have a back up plan in place for if the date is going terrible. Have a friend on speed dial that knows to call or text you if you give them the red alert signal. You will then be able to make a graceful exit without too many questions!


Only One First Date

snapshot, girl, phenomenon, interaction, screenshot, Try to keep in mind that there will only ever be one first date with each now romantic interest. You will feel nervous on this first occasion, but not all of your dates with them are going to be this nerve wracking. The second will be easier, the third will be even easier than that, and so on!


Next Day Plans

performance, entertainment, event, performing arts, interaction, Make sure that you have full day of activity planned for the day after your date. This will give you something to occupy your mind, and you won’t be left sitting at home agonizing over how it may or may not have gone.


Consider Worst Case Scenarios

facial hair, drink, It might seem anxiety inducing in the short term, but it can be a good idea to imagine all of the worst case scenarios that could happen on your first date. This will make everything feel better when you are actually in the middle of it and none of the horrible things you envisioned are happening!

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