Awkward First Date Moments You Hope to Avoid ...


Awkward First Date Moments You Hope to Avoid ...
Awkward First Date Moments You Hope to Avoid ...

It’s bad enough that your nerve endings are already itching and the butterflies are all frenzied in your stomach – fate just loves to throw banana skins your way when it comes to first dates. Ugh! So much potential for uncomfortable and awkward situations. I wonder how many of these you have experienced?

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Messed up Greeting

Messed up Greeting One of the most awkward first dates moments can occur at the very beginning. Do you go for one kiss? Two kisses? Just a handshake? If you both have different ideas then it could be a disaster!


Height Difference

Height Difference If this is a blind date or has been set up online, you might not necessarily realize that there is an awkward height difference until you get there. You don’t want to look like mother and son!


Toilet Trips

Toilet Trips There are so many potentially awkward possibilities from a toilet trip, such as getting paper stuck to your foot or having a tap that gets water all over you!


Food in Your Teeth

Food in Your Teeth It’s a classic but it's still mega embarrassing and awkward! Best way to get past it is to laugh about it.


Forget Their Name!

Forget Their Name! This might be the second or third different date you’ve had in a short space of time, Heaven help you if you forget what this one’s name is!


Facebook Stalking

Facebook Stalking When you accidently bring up a detail about your date that you can only have known from creeping through his Facebook before leaving! Uh oh!


Too Drunk

Too Drunk It’s mega awkward when one of you gets a little too nervous and ends up drinking way too much. It’s not sexy and it could be a disaster.


Ex Talk

Ex Talk The first really isn’t time for a deep conversation about either of your exes. Save that for down the line when it won’t feel so awkward.



Location If you have dressed up for an elegant night out he takes you to McDonalds, then there is only one word for that, AWKWARD!


Too Fast

Too Fast If he mentions wanting to introduce you to his parents on the first date, the speed of the ‘relationship’ might make you feel a bit awkward.


Fake Texting

Fake Texting It can be really awkward if they are running late and you’re at your phone typing “igubeiprnuitubgi” to make yourself look busy!


Too Revealing!

Too Revealing! It can super awkward if you accidently reveal that you are a secret freak, either in life or in the bedroom, on the first date. Save that for later!


The Bill

The Bill The end of the night is always awkward. Are you splitting the bill? Do you expect him to pay? There are so many options!


Bad Meeting Place

Bad Meeting Place He wants to meet at the busiest location in town? Oh cool, that won’t be awkward at all when you’re lost and trying to find him in a crowd!


They’re Super Late

They’re Super Late They might be genuinely sorry and on their way, but it doesn’t make you look any less like you are being stood up!


You Realize They’re a Mess

You Realize They’re a Mess It can be really awkward when half way through a meal you realize this person isn’t ready to move on from an ex, and all you can think about it getting the hell out of there!


Too Polite

Too Polite If you’re one of those polite people who can’t make an excuse to leave a bad date, you end up staying for extra drinks as things get more and more awkward.


The Friend Call

The Friend Call It’s great if you can pull it off, but if the classic ‘friend emergency’ call goes wrong, you’re in for even more awkward evening than before.


You’re Being Played

You’re Being Played So, so awkward when your date suddenly had to leave and you realize that YOU are the one who is being escaped on!


Major Disconnect

Major Disconnect It’s really awkward when there is disconnect in the fact that you are ready to cut your losses and move on but he thinks the date is going really well.


Trying to Arrange a Second Date

Trying to Arrange a Second Date There is always a moment of awkwardness when one of you ventures the possibility of a second date. The risk of rejection is terrifying!


Bumping into Friends

Bumping into Friends Going on a date is tense enough, but when you bump in to friends who revel in the awkwardness, it can make for a super long night!


They Catch You Texting

They Catch You Texting When they come back from the bathroom and catch you frantically texting your friends to let them know how it’s going.


Your Place or Mine?

Your Place or Mine? Hey, if the date goes super well, you might want to extend it, then comes a few awkward moments of deciding whose place to go to.


The Morning after

The Morning after That awkward moment when you wake up in the morning next to them and start to see everything in a clearer, less romantic light!

What awkward first date moments have you had?

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On my First Date i actually fell down on the ground because one of my shoe laces were open. That was more than embarrassing 🙈

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