10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting a Relationship ...


10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting a Relationship ...
10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting a Relationship ...

Relationships can play a pretty big part in our lives once we're in them, so it's always helpful to ask ourselves the following questions to make sure we've truly given it some thought before diving into a new one!

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Do You Feel Ready?

One of the most important things to consider before starting a new relationship is if you feel ready. If you've just gotten out of a bad relationship in the last couple of months it's good to let yourself have time to recover and move on! Try not to rush into anything, no matter how tempting it may sound.


Do You Have Good Intentions?

Not everyone has good intentions when it comes to relationships and you shouldn't be one of these people! Basically, if you know you don't have genuine intentions for someone then don't pursue a relationship with them! I'm sure you know that you owe them this much.


Do You Have Genuine Feelings?

Similar to genuine intentions, only get into a relationship if you have genuine feelings for the person. It may be tempting to use them as a 'rebound' if you've recently been broken up with or gotten hurt with an ex partner, but this kind of approach is doomed from the start and it won't do anyone any favours!


Where do You Want It to Go?

Some people have a certain approach to relationships where they take it as it comes or go with the flow - not giving it's direction too much thought. But this kind of thinking can lead you to feel confused and even stuck when you begin to evaluate where you want this relationship to go. Help yourself out by thinking about what you want to get out of this...do you want it to be a permanent, long-term relationship or a casual on-and-off one?


Are You Serious about It?

I'm sure we all know by now that getting into a relationship when you're not really serious about the person is far from the best approach. Remember that everyone deserves to be taken seriously so if you're not feeling this way about yours, it's best to break it off before anyone gets hurt!


What Kind of Relationship do You Want?

Many people want relationships for various different reasons, so if you consider why you want one and can come to a conclusion, it will help you determine what you're looking for so you can recognize it when you see it! Are you looking for something fairly casual or a more serious relationship?


What Kind of Person Are You Looking for?

Even though it sucks to have bad experiences with partners we've been with in the past, it actually helps us by telling us exactly what we don't want in a relationship. Knowing what you don't want in a potential partner will actually help you determine what you do want, believe it or not! You'll be able to find out what qualities you want to avoid and which you admire in a person.


Can I Handle a Relationship?

Asking yourself if you can handle a relationship is very different from asking if you're ready. Being ready emotionally to take someone on in your life doesn't mean you're mentally or physically capable of it. If you work like a dog, have trouble balancing life and free time, barely see your friends, is taking on a man something you want to do? Be sure you're ready to fit someone else in your life before you start a relationship.


What Type of Girlfriend Will I Be?

Sure, it's easy to sit and think about the other person, but you need to look at yourself. Maybe your last few relationships failed because of your jealousy but you still haven't worked that out. You need to see if you're the type others will want to date and make sure you're the person you want to be, before you dive in!


Is This Even What I Want?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself when starting a new relationship! Do you just want a boyfriend because you're lonely, because your friends do, or because you feel you should have one? If you're answer is yes to any of those, you probably should refrain from starting a relationship.

Dating is tough- relationships are tougher. Make sure you consider all aspects of things before taking things to the next level so that one or both of you doesn't wind up hurt in the end.

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Taking on a relationship to fill the loneliness sounds good to me

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