7 Ways a Guy Shows He Loves You ...


There are many ways a guy shows he loves you. We place so much importance on those three little words, but words are very easy to say. What's far more important is that a guy shows you how much you mean to him. Here are some of the ways a guy shows he loves you …

1. Looks after You when You're Sick

One of the sweetest ways a guy shows he loves you is by looking after you when you're sick. If he brings you meals in bed and heads off to the supermarket to pick up anything you want, he's a keeper. And if he looks after you when you've drunk too much, he's a real sweetheart!

Defends You


I wished my guy cooked , but I didn't meet him being a cook so yeah
very good!
Love This!
On top of all that, he cooks & irons too. He is the best boyfriend in the whole wide world!
a lot!
Isabella Coles
you forgot to mention when he cooks for you - my man did that last weekend and it was a real treat 😊 we usually cook together otherwise!
So true!
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