7 Ways to Decide Whether to Go on a Third Date ...


So, you've had the first date, which was great, and date number two was fab too, but you still might be looking for ways to decide whether to go on a third date. I'm here to hopefully help you. On the first date, you're probably on your best behaviour and the second date too. The third date is usually the one where you're deciding whether it's worth pursuing further and there are some ways to decide whether to go on a third date or whether to jump from the dating train right now before travelling any further.

1. Who's Making the Plans?

One of the first things to think about when you want to decide whether to go on a third date is to look at who is making the plans. Are you always making the decisions about where and when to go, or are the decisions mutual? If you're the person who is always making the effort, maybe consider whether they're genuinely interested, as this is a good indication about how the rest of the relationship could potentially go.



So many of these factors are true.
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