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7 Ways to Decide Whether to Go on a Third Date ...

By Rosalina

So, you've had the first date, which was great, and date number two was fab too, but you still might be looking for ways to decide whether to go on a third date. I'm here to hopefully help you. On the first date, you're probably on your best behaviour and the second date too. The third date is usually the one where you're deciding whether it's worth pursuing further and there are some ways to decide whether to go on a third date or whether to jump from the dating train right now before travelling any further.

1 Who's Making the Plans?

One of the first things to think about when you want to decide whether to go on a third date is to look at who is making the plans. Are you always making the decisions about where and when to go, or are the decisions mutual? If you're the person who is always making the effort, maybe consider whether they're genuinely interested, as this is a good indication about how the rest of the relationship could potentially go.

2 Comfort

Of course, it's early days yet and you probably don't know each other well, but you should be getting more and more comfortable with each other as you spend more time together. If this isn't the case then consider whether you really want to see that person again. Can you share your thoughts and feelings or do you get the feeling that they're judging you and not taking you seriously?

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3 Shared Interests

Do you share the same interests and does he or she seem genuinely interested in you and what you have to say? Are they staring out of the window as you talk or do they seem happy and pleased to be in your company?

4 Differences

There is an old and famous saying you have probably heard before - opposites attract. Some differences add interest whilst some might pose a problem. Do you like listening to his or her tales about sky diving even though you have serious vertigo and would never consider jumping out of a plane? If the stories bore (and terrify) you then perhaps forgo the third date.

5 Talk

Do you have plenty to talk about or are there lots of awkward silences where you're both desperately trying to find things to say? If you're already running out of things to talk about then it might be time to call it a day.

6 Appreciation

How appreciative does he or she seem to be about being in your company? Were they polite and courteous and did they thank you? It's nice to know that someone has genuinely enjoyed being in your company, and if they have made you feel that way then it might be great to see them again.

7 Meet the Parents

I know, it's early days yet but think about how comfortable you would be meeting his or her parents, or how you would feel taking them home to yours. This can be a real indication as to how you feel about that person.

Deciding whether or not to pursue a relationship further in the early days can be difficult and taking it slow is key. Does anyone have any helpful hints for deciding whether to take it to Third Date Central or just stop at Second Date Station?

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