7 Ways Lesbian Relationships Are Different ...


I've been in a lesbian relationship for about 6 years now and I always wondered how lesbian relationships are different from straight relationships. I've been in one straight relationship, when I was trying to find myself and, truthfully, they are not that different. However, there are some things that are more understanding in a lesbian relationship. If you don't understand how two girls can be together and how lesbian relationships are different from your relationship, take a look below.

1. More Understanding of PMS

Do you know how most guys do not understand anything about Aunt Flow? Well, if you are in a lesbian relationship, there is a lot more understanding of PMS and of cramps. This was definitely one of the 'how lesbian relationships are different' moments for me. My girl is completely understanding when I start to get a little testy during that time of month.

Fairer Fights


@Cutesygirl06 hiiiii💭
Areli Elizalde
I love my girlfriend 😘😍
Heather Jensen
Hi Clara! You absolutely could be! Give it a try if you find a girl you have interest in and see how it feels. It might work for you or it might not!
But *DON'T* make her into an experiment..
@Clara I felt like that when I was younger, exactly at 11. I've always been into guys, never noticed how I felt for girls, other than friendship. And I felt curious and went for it. I told my best fri...
I've never been in a relationship with any girl, I've never liked one- either. But lately I've been thinking, it sounds like something I wouldn't mind trying someday, due to all the perks it has to it. What could this mean? Could I possibly be bisexual?
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