8 Dating Tips for a Single Mom ...

Just because you're a single mom, it doesn't mean that you can't date – there are tons of dating tips for a single mom out there, you've just got to find the ones that work for you! Dating tips for single parents are hard to relate to sometimes, especially if your kids are a bit on the younger side and take a lot of your time and dedication, but you need time for yourself too. If you're thinking about dating and haven't taken the leap yet, take a look at my dating tips for a single mom below!

1. Don't Introduce a Man to the Kids until It's Serious

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While most dating tips for a single mom always start out with knowing when you are ready, I think that the most important thing that you need to consider is the kids. Just because you are with someone for a couple weeks, that doesn't mean your kid has to meet them. Children get attached quickly and if you think that it might not work out, don't introduce them, wait until it is serious.

2. Put Your Kids First

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Even though you, as a mom, need time for yourself, you still have to put your kids first too. You don't ever want them to feel like your new boyfriend is more important than them or that you are slipping away as their mom. That doesn't mean that you can't date, but just remember, you're a mom first!

3. Know when You Are Ready

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Now, always know when you are ready to start dating. Just because you are single doesn't mean you immediately have to start dating. You can take your time, find someone that really clicks with you. You don't have to just jump into a relationship right after you break up with the father of your children.

4. Don't Rush Dating Right Away

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See? Rushing into dating is a huge mistake and can actually lead to you getting hurt more than you fulfilling your need to not be lonely. Rushing into a relationship can also just cause more heartache for your kids, especially if you introduce your new guy to them. Just keep it light and know when it is right for you!

5. Be Upfront

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Being super upfront not just with your kids, but also with the guy that you are dating is very important, ladies. You don't ever want to hide the fact that you have kids or hide the fact that you are a mom. Why? If the guy can't accept you for you and who you are, why would you want to be with him?

6. Don't Drag past Baggage in

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I think that this is the biggest fear for a man that is dating a single mom. He is scared that he is constantly going to be compared to the kid's dad and that he is constantly going to have to live up to that type of relationship. Let him know that isn't the case! You can't drag your past relationships into your current relationship.

7. Tell Him about Your Kids

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This goes hand-in-hand with #5. You don't just want to be upfront, you also want to talk about your kids. That doesn't have to be your sole topic of conversation, but at least talk about their ages, their behaviors and their unique personalities. If he is going to be long-term, he's got to know these things!

8. Know He Might Not Be Cut out to Be a Dad

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Finally, you've got to realize that not every single man out there is cut out to be a dad. You will need someone that supports you as a mom, so you need to find someone that is willing to accept your kids. Trust me, this is a big one!

So all you single moms out there, what other dating tips do you have? Any others to share? Remember, it all boils down to your comfort level!

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