9 Ways That Men Impress Us on the First Date ...


I've been thinking lately about the ways men impress us on the first date. Maybe I'm feeling twitterpated because spring is upon us and it's a time for new romances to blossom! So, I've complied a list of what I think are important ways men impress us on the first date. If you have a first date coming up or see one happening in the near future, make a note of a few of these chivalrous behaviors! You are beautiful and special, so make sure that your date treats you like a queen!

1. Being Punctual

Before anything else, the first of all the important ways men impress us on the first date by showing up on time! Whether he's picking you up or meeting you somewhere, don't tolerate him being any more than fifteen minutes late. Of course life happens and there will always be traffic and emergencies, but as far as I'm concerned, sleeping through an alarm, wrapping up a meal with friends, or getting ready at the last second are not reasons for tardiness! If your date is worthwhile, he'll be courteous enough to appreciate your time and not show up at his own convenience!

Dressing Well


It's sounds like a type of movie
Stephanie Ann
Awe I remember all this, 5 years later not so much lol
Angie Bbf
Ooo i hate it if they order the food for me. Igh! Like I can speak for myself.
Kaitlyn Sutherland
I'm almost more comfortable with my date not opening my car door, or pulling my chair in and out. I'm and independent person and there are different things gentlemen will do! Biggest first impression for me: good grammar. Oh and how good he smells. 😍
Making me laugh and feel comfortable 😋😘
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