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7 Ways to Be Less Shy around Guys ...

By Holly

If you're struggling to talk to your crush, have no fear, because there are ways to be less shy around guys. They may seem intimidating, but they're really not that difficult to talk to. After you have a few conversations with the opposite sex, you'll realize that they're nothing to be worried about. Here are a few ways to be less shy around guys:

1 They're Human, Too

Men aren't all that different from women. I mean, we're all human, so how many differences can there be? Pick a topic that you talk to your girl friends about, and try talking to your crush about it. One of the ways to be less shy around guys is to remember that they're just like everybody else--except maybe a little cuter.

2 Don't Flirt--yet

The more you talk to guys, the easier it'll be. You don't even have to flirt with them. First, you should learn to feel comfortable having a regular conversation with them, and then you can start throwing the compliments out. Just don't have high expectations during every single conversation, because you're not going to land a date after talking about the weather.

3 Look Good, Feel Good

When you look good, you feel good. You shouldn't dress to impress him, though. You should dress well so that you feel good about yourself. Once you're feeling confident, you won't have a problem walking right up to your crush and starting a conversation. Even if the talk goes badly, at least he'll know how gorgeous you are.

4 Get Together a Group

You don't have to hang out with your crush one on one. You can get together a group of friends so that you don't feel as much pressure when you talk to him. It's also a great way for him to see the real you, because you'll be acting normal in front of your friends.

5 Keep It Calm

You need to calm yourself down before you approach a guy that you like. If you're freaking out beforehand, you may start to sweat or stutter. Take a few deep breaths before you walk over and remember that there's nothing to worry about. What's the worst that could happen?

6 Be Yourself

Don't walk over to him, pretending to be a character from your favorite television show. He doesn't want to meet Carrie Bradshaw, he wants to meet you. If you're not yourself and you hit it off, then you'll have to keep pretending until you break up with him, and that's no fun. You need to be yourself and if he doesn't like you, it's his loss.

7 You're Awesome

Any guy would be lucky to have you. If you remember how amazing you are, then you'll have no problem striking up a conversation with your crush. He's the one who should be nervous, not you. If you keep reminding yourself of how awesome you are, then talking to him won't be all that terrifying. It'll actually be fun.

Men aren't all that different than us, so there's no reason to freak out during a casual conversation. You aren't asking him to marry you, you're just asking him about his day, so don't stress yourself out. Are you nervous when you try to talk to boys or do you feel like it's no big deal?

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