7 Innocent Gestures That Could Scare Him off ...


7 Innocent Gestures That Could Scare Him off ...
7 Innocent Gestures That Could Scare Him off ...

If you've just started dating a guy, there are some innocent gestures that could scare him off. No matter how much you like him, you need to hold off on some things. You don't want to bombard him with affection too early into the relationship and have him run away. If you're still at the very start of your relationship, here are some innocent gestures that could scare him off:

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Figuring out Future Plans

Don't make plans for too far ahead into the future. You should know to avoid discussing children, marriage, and joint bank accounts, but you should avoid the near future as well. If you've only been dating for a week, buying concert tickets with him for six months later are one of the gestures that could scare him off. Take advice from How I Met Your Mother and never make plans with someone for longer than you've been dating them.


Letting Items Loose

When you visit his house for the first time, don't bring along a toothbrush and some clothes to leave there. If he starts noticing your items littered around his house, it'll make him feel like the relationship is getting super serious. If he's still getting used to the idea of you as his girlfriend, then you don't want to risk that.


Early, Elaborate Gifts

Some people like to celebrate every single occasion that they can. But before you get your new boyfriend an expensive one month anniversary gift, ask him if he wants to celebrate it. If he's only interested in celebrating the six month mark, then you should hold off on the gifts. They might make you appear a little too intense.


Pushy Parents

If you're young, your parents will want to meet the man you're dating right away. If you're living on your own, then meeting your partner's parents is a much bigger deal. It's something that should only happen once you're serious, so don't drag him to your parent's house before he's ready. It takes time to reach that step.


Loose Lips

If you introduce him to your friends and they already know his whole life story, it might creep him out. Of course you're going to tell your pals all about your sweet new guy, but remind them to keep their mouths shut. You don't want them to admit that they know your boyfriend's deepest secrets when he trusted you to keep them to yourself.


Constant Checkups

It's normal to ask your boyfriend about his day and to see what he's up to. It's not so normal to call him every five minutes in order to listen for another girl's voice in the background. If you text him or call him too many times in an hour, then he might feel the need to dump you. Not everyone is as addicted to their phones as others are.


Paying for a Pet

Getting a pet that you plan on sharing with him is a huge commitment. Sure, it sounds like fun, but your new kitten could live for a dozen years. If you break up, one of you will have to give up the pet, and then no one will be happy.

Once you've been with a man for a while, he shouldn't run away at the slightest mention of commitment. But in the beginning, you should be a bit more careful. Has a guy ever done anything too intense, too early?

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Definitely don't do these things when you two are still getting to know each other!! But when you both have a bit more commitment stuff like this is really sweet :)

All of these things would make me run away

Every single one of these items would scare me too and scream needy and clingy ... No thanks

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