7 Ways to Cope with Being Away from Your Lover during the Holidays ...


If you, too, are looking for ways to cope with being away from your lover during the holidays, you have my sympathy. Due to a variety of circumstances keeping the Michigan clan from traveling to Salem for holidays, I offered to spend it with my folks so Heather could fly to MI – because that's much easier than driving there together with a hoard of fur-babies. Ain't I great? The idea of spending Thanksgiving apart is pretty heartbreaking, and we've promised it's the last holiday we'll ever spend away from each other, but it's for a good cause. Still, if you're in the same boat, why don't you soothe yourself with a few great ways to cope with being away from your lover?

1. Don't Hold onto Resentment

Are you really okay with spending the holiday apart? Don't say you're okay if you're not, because it will just lead to fights during a time when you should be focusing on how much you love each other, even if you aren't together. Honesty is one of the only sure ways to cope with being away from your lover during such an important time. Don't keep making jabs and jibes at your partner about how he or she is abandoning you. Be honest about how you feel.

Stop Stressing the Details
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