Great Ways to Create a Lasting Connection for a Superb Relationship ...

By Yamari

Great Ways to Create a Lasting  Connection for a Superb  Relationship ...

There are lots of ways to create a lasting connection. There are billions of articles about how to find a guy or why he just is not that into you. Honestly, relationships are a lot harder than they’re cracked up to be. “I’m into you and you’re into me, so what’s the big deal”, is the question we ask ourselves. We often forget that relationships are much more than snap chatting, texting, and Instagram. To actually build a lasting relationship with someone you may have to go a bit old school. Now, I’m not saying that you should write a hand-written note pouring out all your innermost dark secrets and send it by carrier pigeons. The point of relationships is to create a lasting connection with someone. Here are the best ways to create a lasting connection.

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Put down the Stupid Smartphone

One of the best ways to create a lasting connection is to put away your phone. “Let me take a picture of that” and “let me record this” is not a way to live. Constantly being on the phone and updating your social media while you’re with people is not only rude, but it hinders you from having an actual conversation with the people in front of you. Give people your full attention when you’re with them.


Take the Time to Invest in Someone else

Show someone that you care about them by asking how their day went. The simple things are what matters the most. People want to feel important in other people’s lives. A priority. The only way you’re going to be able to begin building a solid foundation is by taking the time to invest. Ask more than fluff questions and get specific. Deep questions will help you to see who they truly are. So, listen to their stories.



For me, this must be the most important. Knowing that someone actually cares about the inner workings of your personality is the best feeling. Vulnerability is frowned upon in our society and I’d like to know why? Because when someone can peer into your soul with no judgment and platonically love you for who you are… what could be better?

After reading this, I implore you that the next time you’re out with a stranger, best friend, or significant other that you put down your phone and invest the time to care.

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