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7 Ways to Get Closure in a Break up ...

By Heather

Getting past a breakup is never, ever easy, but there are several ways to get closure that can actually help you move past the breakup a lot faster. Learning the top ways to get closure after a breakup isn't always simple and it is going to seem a little … weird, but they work! For example, writing a letter that you don't send – it's a great way to get all of your feelings out, even if you don't want those feelings to ever be read by anyone but you.

1 The Un-Sent Letter

The un-sent letter is absolutely one of the best ways to get closure that I know of. For one of my exes, I wrote a letter detailing out everything I felt throughout the course of our relationship. I kept that letter in a box and it felt good to just write exactly what I was feeling. I didn't need my ex to read it, it was enough to know that I wrote it. Try it and see if it works for you!

2 Reflect

Reflecting on the breakup is going to be the best form of closure that you can have. You don't ever want to go through a breakup and not learn something from it. Were you too over-protective? Did you change yourself too much? Did you fall in love too quickly? Remember, reflecting can be painful but it is so worth it.


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3 Reclaim the Memories

Just because you and your partner broke up doesn't mean that you need to stop going to your favorite restaurant or that you need to stop reading books that you two read together. Reclaim those memories for yourself and make new memories. You can't let the breakup win over you.

4 Focus on You

I know it sounds weird, to really just take time for yourself, but do it. Don't let people tell you that it's wrong; instead, just focus in on you and finding yourself. The single you. If you haven't been single for a really long time, it can be hard to recover from your relationship, but it can be done!

5 No Negativity

It is so, so hard to not be negative when you are going through a breakup. You want to diss your ex, you want to talk a lot of crap, but really, focus on the good within yourself. Don't focus on the negative. Don't focus on what your ex is doing or where they are going. Just focus on you and don't be negative at all.

6 Forgiveness

This is another hard one to accept – forgiveness. You need to forgive yourself and forgive your ex. If the relationship was particularly bad, you really need to figure out why it was so bad and what forgiveness you need to be searching for. Remember, it takes time to heal.

7 Change of Scenery

When my ex and I broke up, the very first thing that I did was change everything about the house that we lived in. I painted, I cleaned and for weeks, I spent time and money really giving my house a change. This honestly helped me work through the breakup! Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

While breaking up is never, ever going to be easy, it is possible to get over it and to gain closure. Do you know of any other ways to gain closure after a breakup?

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