7 Ways to Help a Friend Survive a Breakup ...


7 Ways to Help a Friend Survive a Breakup ...
7 Ways to Help a Friend Survive a Breakup ...

If you are looking for ways to help a friend survive a breakup, I’ve got a few great ideas that can alleviate her misery. Watching a friend go through a breakup is heartwrenching, but fortunately there are many things that you can do that will help her get through it. Below I’m going to reveal some helpful ways to help a friend survive a breakup.

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Hang out with Her

Go over to your friend’s place and share some girl talk over margaritas, chocolate cake, or her favorite ice cream. One of the best ways to help a friend survive a breakup is to be there for her. She needs someone to listen without judgement as she disects every aspect of her broken relationship. Let her know that you will help her get through this breakup and she can call you whenever she needs you.


Distract Her

We have all heard of the girls who are unable to deal with the breakup and end up begging their ex-boyfriend to come back to them. Don’t let your friend be one of those desperate girls! Whenever you hang out with other friends, invite her to tag along so she isn’t tempted to contact her ex. If her social life is busy, she is less likely to leave long voicemails to her ex-boyfriend or to text terrorize him.


Transform Appearance

One of the best ways to get over a breakup is to create a change in appearance. I’ve been known to cut my long hair or color it some shocking hue whenever I go through a breakup. Making small changes like a new haircut, haircolor, or hairstyle can help boost her confidence. Hit the makeup counters at the mall and encourage her to try out different makeup looks.


Get Physical

Give your friend a gym membership because exercise is known to pump out those feel-good endorphins. Encourage her to sign up for class in yoga, Zumba, dance, or Pilates. Any kind of physical exercise can help ease that awful depression that follows a breakup. Another perk is that she will feel healthier and be rewarded with a stellar body that will make her ex-boyfriend drool.


Movie Time

Have a movie night with your friend so she can have a temporary mental escape. It’s best to watch intense thrillers, comedies, inspirational or action movies. Avoid watching romantic movies because they can make your friend miss her past relationship even more and make her feel worse. Bring the popcorn and her favorite theater-style candy to give her an instant boost of happiness.


Make a Fun to-do List

Relationships take so much of our time and often we sacrifice learning new things because there isn’t enough hours in the day. Instruct your friend to make a list of all the things she wanted to do while she was in a relationship but never had the time to do it. Tell her to take advantage of her single status by doing all the things on that list. Finding new interests or hobbies is the perfect way for your friend to meet new people.


Compliment Her

Going through a breakup can make a girl feel unloved or unwanted. Make sure you tell her how great you think she is and that any guy would be lucky to have her. Reassure her that she was awesome before she met her ex-boyfriend and she is still awesome without him. Although you may want to call the guy a loser for letting her go, refrain from saying it on the off chance that they get back together.

So ladies those are just a few things that can help a friend get through one of the roughest times in her life. Going through a breakup is always difficult, but great friends can make the emotional journey much less painful. Do you have any other ideas that can help a friend survive a breakup?

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Breaking up to the one you love is never an easy thing to do... I, myself experience the hardness of this situation...can any one help me get through this darkest situation of my life??

Is it normal to feel depressed and him even when it's you who broke up with him?

*miss him

@jhen, as far you made up your mind and heart to stop loving someone then you need to focus and stick to your action. Break up is not easy but when you made up your mind then accomplish it.

Of course , your probably use to having that companionship so it's bound to happen :)

Remind yourself that u love you , nd u doing it for you.,try don't stress yourself . Keep loving u , I did that ,

Its is so hard :(

Just keep yourself busy . Trying to not thinking about him . Or only think how bad they are . Be positive believe yourself you can find a better one . They don't deserve you . Also think about urself .you don't want get hurts anymore if you beeing with him

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