7 Ways to Get Him to Help around the House ...


Would you love to know some ways to get him to help around the house? Most women want to know the secrets to this. Motivating your guy to pitch in can be done. Try these ways to get him to help around the house so that your to-do list is shorter.

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Just Ask

You may not be getting help around the house because you’ve never asked. Maybe you just assumed he wouldn’t help you so you didn’t bother asking. He may be assuming you don’t need help because you’ve never mentioned it. One of the ways to get him to help around the house is to just ask him. He may not mind to help at all.


Approach It with a Teamwork Attitude

This may work best in relationships that are fairly new. If you go into your relationship with a teamwork attitude, he may be very willing to go along with that. Basically, you’re expecting that you’ll work together to tackle household chores. This can make the chore list a lot shorter and allow you more time for fun. Teamwork is a great attitude to have about many different things you will face as a couple.


Talk about the Division of Labor

Sometimes a discussion over the division of household chores can motivate your guy to help. If you explain how much time you spend taking care of things, he may want to make your load lighter. You might also point out you would have more time to do things together if you didn’t have so much on your plate. He may not take on as many chores as you would like but even taking a couple would help. Anything he does do will make him appreciate you more, once he sees how much work it takes.


Compliment Him

Everyone loves a sincere compliment. This includes the man in your life. If your guy does something to help out around the house, let him know what a great job he did. If he knows that you love it when he cooks or that you think he scrubs the tub better than you do, he may be happy to keep doing those things to please you. Compliments are very motivating.


Give Him the Opportunity to Help

You know what, ladies? Sometimes you can get in the habit of not giving your guy the opportunity to help. Maybe you automatically pick up after him or have all of the chores done so there’s no need for him to do anything. Allow him the opportunity to clean up after himself. Let him see you working on things around the house and he may want to pitch in.


Be Willing to Help Him, Too

If your guy sees that you’ll help him do things he wants to get done, he may be more willing to pitch in with things you want done. This has an added advantage, too. You are spending time together as you work. It isn’t quite as much fun as a date night but it does give you time to talk and share things with each other. Maybe you can bring up the idea of helping each other out with chore lists.


Say Thank You

This is a very small thing but it can be very motivating to a man. Most men find a simple thank you to be a very big deal. They like appreciation. It’s a very small thing and easy enough to do. When he sees you’re grateful for him helping around the house, he may want to continue.

These are 7 ways to get him to help around the house. Do you have any secrets to accomplishing this? I hope you’ll spill them!

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Basically you just need to make clear to your partner that there's a lot of housework to get done and that he holds equal responsibility just as you. Once the word 'help' comes in then to him, it will seem like it's your responsibility alone and that he's nothing but 'just helping'.

I agree..I don't want "help"...I don't want to be in charge...I want him to be responsible for certain household chores and do them without prodding or reminding....no one has to remind me or manipulate me to get things done..do I sound like one resentful woman??...damn straight!!!!

This never works for me

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