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Let's face it: cute boys can make you forget how to speak, but there are ways to approach a guy without feeling shy or intimidated. My friends have their own ways to approach a guy but I have learned that the most effective approach is to first have the confidence to do so. Here are some tips that have helped me.

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Believe You're Worth It

One of the most important ways to approach a guy is using your own self confidence. You need to internalize the feeling of knowing you're worth talking to and getting to know.. Guys pick up on our energy so if you're shy or don't feel good enough about yourself to talk to him, you're automatically eliminating yourself from the equation.


Dress with Confidence

Dressing well helps you feel better which helps boost your self confidence even more. Having had image consultation background and upbringing, I see the value in making a statement with the way you dress. Sure we all shouldn't judge books by their cover but you wouldn't want a guy to think you're a slob or don't care about taking care of yourself, would you?


Make the First Move to Say Hi

Some guys are just shy. Knowing that, feel better and more at ease that it's okay for you to make the first move. I'm pretty old fashioned and expect the guy to make first moves in other situations but initiating conversation is almost always something I do.


Give a Compliment

Complimenting someone is always a great conversation starter. I'd say 80% of the people I know and am friends with now were once strangers to me until I initiated conversation through a compliment. Had I not said, cute shoes or you smell nice (yeah I'm the creep that says things like that to people) we wouldn't otherwise have spoken. Try it!


Smile and Laugh with Your Friends

That's right...just do you and live your day as if a cute boy wasn't around. Two things will happen: he will see you smiling and see you happy which will make him want to be around you, and your friends will give you the confidence you'll need to approach him! You don't always need to go it alone.


Don't Wait for "the Perfect Moment"

There's no such thing. Empower yourself by internalizing that the less time you spend obsessing over the perfect guy and the perfect moment to meet the perfect guy, the bigger chance and calmness you'll have to actually approaching a guy. Stressing and obsessing is not a good way to find a guy nor is it a good way to approach a guy.


Be Aware of His Surroundings

This is a biggie. If you see that he is watching a game that you have an interest in, go up and talk about the game or the team. If you see him ordering a drink that you like, go talk to him about the drink. You get the drift, right? Find similarities between the two of you by observing the way he interacts with others and with his friends and then approach him.

Don't be shy and don't feel intimidated. You'll find a guy who will love you for you. There is no need to impress; there is no need to pretend to be someone that you're not. Approach the guy that makes you feel like you can be yourself around him and approach the guy that will make you laugh and help you have a good time. What empowers you to approach a guy?

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This is really good advice but it's very difficult when someone has no self confidence

I have to say this really did help.....a lot

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