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Finding ways to keep busy during a break up can prove to be very difficult, especially when your mind is constantly thinking about what went wrong or how you could have changed it. However, months later you always think, why did I waste all that time thinking about my ex? Sometimes you just need a distraction to help pass the time til you feel better and move on, so here are a few tips on how to keep busy during a break up.

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Get out and about

The worst thing to do is not keep busy during a break up. You will just end up lying on your bed or sofa for days on end, with or without a pint of ice cream and cookies. It will only make you think of what went wrong and how you could have changed it. Instead of having all of these thoughts, why not improve yourself and keep your mind off thinking about him or her.


Meet with Friends

Your friends aren’t likely to want to hear about this guy twenty four seven, therefore, the less you talk about him the less you will think about him. Then the less you think of him the less you will want to be back with him. So spend time with friends!


Find a New Hobby

You now have a lot more free time, so why not use this time to do something that you have always wanted to do? Research different classes or groups that you want to do. I know that around me, fun new classes put flyers in coffee shops. Why not try there?


Better Yourself

Another way you can use your time is to better yourself. Become the person that you would want to be around and date. No one likes someone that's miserable and moping around. Remember that if something is meant to happen it will, so don’t waste your time. All those precious hours can go into something that you enjoy and in the long run will make you a lot happier.


Family Time

If you aren’t feeling loved anymore, why not visit the family? No one loves you unconditionally like they do. It will also give you a chance to get away from your house and memories of your ex. Plus is you have any young family members, they are bound to cheer you up. I always find that their happiness reflects, and playing tag is sure to make you forget about your ex.

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Exercising releases endorphins, which boost your mood. It’s really a win win situation: improving your mood, your heart health, your outlook, and the way you look. Plus when you see your ex next, you are bound to make him regret the break up.


Help Others

I always find that the best way to make myself feel good is to help others or make them happy. So get into the local community and help others; you never know... you might find out some interesting stories from the elderly, or find a new pet friend.

Breaking up with your partner can be a difficult time, so why not make the most out of it and be the new you! Do you have any suggestions on keeping yourself busy during a break up?

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What about when im drinking wine and i feel like calling him? What should i do then?

You can't not even imagine what you've done for me with this article since I'm going thru a break up right now

Cavemen don't talk to him don't message him. He's not the one for you. I have recently broke up with my boyfriend after giving him another chance he promised me he wouldn't hurt me again which of course he did. Deep down I knew it was going to happen as it was like the first time, you deserve do much better and believe me talking to friends and family helps I've come to realise that I dud absolutely everything and he gave nothing back in return he hated going out so we ended up staying in, he wouldn't come to family gatherings with me as he didn't like big crowds. And I wouldn't know what sort of mood he'd be in and I'd have to tell my children to be careful round him (in my own house). There is someone out there for all of us and you'll find him. X

Exactly what i needed to get over my breakup

thank you love the post xx

What if you dont have any friends ? :( i was in a breakup tho and i was totally sad about 3 weeks, im 13 btw

Thank you for this! Been going through a rough couple of months post breakup.

I have just split from my boyfriend (2nd) time. These are really good points. I am upset but I was prepared and today the hurt isn't as bad x

I agree, when I got divorced from my husband, I went back to school and lost so much weight. He saw me at a wedding dinner and could not keep his eyes off me! I still miss him but I keep myself busy and I am working on bettering myself. I have even decided to write a book. It is not the end of the world!

Going thru a bad time now myself can't stop crying 25 years married he left me 3 weeks before Christmas when will the tears stop

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