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7 Ways to Take Your Relationship to the Next Step ...

By Diana

Whether you’re dating or married, there are many ways to take your relationship to the next step. Every relationship has stepping stones; it takes time for each person to reach that moment when they are ready to go to the next level. It could be as little as just holding hands or as big as getting engaged. Continue reading for 7 ways to take your relationship to the next step.

1 Going Public

Now that you’ve made it official, why not take your relationship to the next step and go public? The next time you’re hanging out with friends tell them the good news, not that they haven’t already suspected this much anyway! Or hold hands in school if you’re walking to class together so everyone will know that you are officially a couple. Going public with your relationship is a big step, but one you know you’re ready to take when you get there.

2 Traveling Together

Before you move in together, you should first take a smaller step together to test the water. If you can handle traveling together, whether it’s a road trip or flying to the Caribbean, then you know you’re ready to handle anything together.

3 Exchanging Keys

Now that you’ve conquered traveling together and actually survived the road trip, why not exchange keys? If you aren’t ready to move in together, this is a good step to take before you reach that level. It’s a way of saying, “I trust you and want to spend more time with you, so feel free to let yourself in.”

4 Moving in Together

This is a big step in your relationship; moving in together doesn’t happen overnight. For some it may take six months, while others go a year or longer before they are ready to make this commitment. Moving in together means that you are thinking of spending the rest of your life with this person, so before you go there be 100% sure. Otherwise, it will just be an ugly breakup, with one person having to move out and find a new place.

5 Saving Money

After you’ve moved in together and started sharing responsibilities of paying the bills, you should know how one another spends and saves money. Saving money together doesn’t have to mean that you share a bank account, but you can both take money from your separate checking accounts and save it in a separate savings accounts for big purchases that you want to make in the future.

6 Getting Engaged

This step in your relationship should not be rushed and it doesn’t have to happen just because you moved in together. Give yourselves some time to feel each other out; living with another person will really show you their quirks and true habits. If you are truly, madly, deeply in love with your partner after living together for a while, and you know from the bottom of your heart that this is your person, then wait no longer and pop the question already!

7 Having Children

Just like marriage, having children isn’t for everyone. Don’t let friends and family pressure you into this life changing step in your relationship if you aren’t ready for it. Before you start planning to have a child, make sure your marriage is healthy and stable, you have a good amount of money in your savings account, you have a steady job, and have discussed plans on how you are going to raise your child. You need to be on the same page when it comes to things like your birth plan, breastfeeding, education, etc.

How did you take your relationship to the next step? Did you follow my ways to take your relationship to the next step or did you take your steps a little differently?

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