9 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Love Life ...

By Neecey

You recycle, you save energy where you can, you walk sometimes instead of using the car, and you buy organic, but do you have an eco-friendly love life? Our love life is probably the one area that most people don’t even think about when wanting to be environmentally-friendly, but this is neglectful as some areas of our relationships are definitely not green. Check out these tips for an eco-friendly love life – you might want to make some changes in yours.

Table of contents:

  1. romantic getaways
  2. giving flowers
  3. a romantic dinner for two
  4. safe, eco-friendly sex
  5. living together
  6. the ring
  7. the bio-degradable sex friend
  8. condoms are king
  9. environmentally friendly massage

1 Romantic Getaways

One of the best ways you can embrace an eco-friendly love life is by choosing supportive romantic getaway destinations. Secluded eco-friendly tree houses, with loungers on the deck surrounded by Mother Nature’s finest offerings, with romantic soft lighting provided by solar lights and a rain water shower under the stars will provide you with the most incredible memories.

2 Giving Flowers

Those enticing bunches of beautiful, colorful flowers that your local flower sellers are trying to get you to buy didn’t just come out of some magical country field. They have just popped out of a refrigerated container, having been flown half way across the world where they have left massive carbon footprints from fertilizers and fossil fuels when transported, never mind the social issues of labor getting them there in the first place. Go to your local nursery and buy a native flowering plant that will carry on giving joy for many months to come.

3 A Romantic Dinner for Two

Popping to the store and getting a quick steak, some wine and veggies and popping them on the grill and in the fridge when you get home for a romantic dinner is as easy as one, two, three. But this is not a romantic meal that is going to support an eco-friendly love life. The wine might be imported, leaving a trail of carbon footprints in its wake, along with the rest of your purchases which could have traveled heaven knows how many food miles across the country. Support local and organic, buy your meat, and other groceries along with your wine from local vendors and farmers markets instead.

4 Safe, Eco-Friendly Sex

When nature doesn’t want to come to the sex party – literally – you need to enlist the aid of some good old fashioned lube to help things along. But before you reach for the first one on the shelf, don’t be shy to peruse your choices in support of an eco-friendly sex life. Silicone lubes are packed with chemicals and oil lubes are bad for the environment and can adversely affect the effectiveness of your condom – which defeats the point of wearing one in the first place. Pick a water based lube without any sort of paraben, oil or glycerine additives – and you won’t need to sacrifice any of the benefits either.

5 Living Together

Unless you only met each other a week ago, you might want to wait a bit. But keeping two complete houses running is kind of pointless from a number of options, including the budget. Keep your carbon footprint down and embrace an environmentally friendly love life by turning two houses into one. Just make sure that you implement other green practices like recycling and buy organic produce whenever you can.

6 The Ring

Getting engaged is a big step and diamonds have long been touted as a girl’s best friend. But there are ways to ensure that your diamond engagement ring is eco-friendly too. Shop around for diamonds that have come from specific mines that have mined ethically and give back to the environment. Alternatively you can opt for a manufactured diamond as opposed to the real thing – a trend that is hitting the eco-friendly community in a big way.

7 The Bio-degradable Sex Friend

There is very little regulation when it comes to the manufacturing of your favorite sex toy. And the manufacturers are using plenty of non-biodegradable plastic containing PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This is not only bad for the environment – the other scary element is that leached phthalates that are used in vibrators, dildos and other sex toys can actually be absorbed by delicate vaginal and anal tissue. These have been indicated as being a culprit in causing all sorts of health issues, reproductive problems and the like. Phthalates have been banned from being used in kids toys in some places because of the potential risk. Look out for the PVC sex toy options before you rush out and buy your next one, or even better – go for glass.

8 Condoms Are King

Condoms are good for protecting you from unwanted pregnancy, HIV, STDs and they are good for the environment – which makes them an all-round winner. Keeping the earth’s population down will go a long way in supporting an environmentally friendly love life, even though the preservatives that make condoms are not so eco-friendly themselves. Always practice safe sex and dispose of your used condom in an environmentally friendly manner.

9 Environmentally Friendly Massage

If you and your partner regularly use lube for a sexy massage, you might want to rethink this. Even though there are some really fun flavored lubes, colored lubes and sparkly lubes, they are generally petroleum based. A better choice is some delightfully scented natural oils – there’s usually a great choice in health food shops. While there, why not pick up some soy candles too? They are much better than standard candles which contain parabens and also have a less chemical base to their aromas.

It’s quite easy to have an eco-friendly love life. If you’re trying to be as green as you can it certainly make sense. What ways do you go green in the bedroom?

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