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8 Relationship Tips to Follow for an Addict ...

By Heather

There are a lot of different relationship tips for an addict relationship, but what ones do you actually need to follow? Dating an addict is hard, no matter what type of addict it is. Being in a relationship with an addict can be even harder, especially if you've been with that person for a while. If you're wondering exactly what relationship tips for an addict to follow, you've got to take a look below. I've got everything from getting into a support group to allowing your partner time to vent.

1 Be Supportive

I think one of the most important relationship tips for an addict to follow is all about being supportive. You can't expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to quit their addiction all on their own, they will need a support system and if you are going to stick around, you've got to be that for them. Support them and all of their progress and it'll make you both stronger in the end!

2 Don't Pressure

An addict cannot be pressured, as they are already constantly feeling pressured, especially in the beginning, to get and stay clean. The less pressure that you add on, the better off you are going to be. Remember, supporting doesn't mean that you have to be overwhelming.

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3 Curb Your Tongue

I'm not saying that you need to curb your tongue all of the time, but in the beginning, curbing your speech and not making any remarks that could be construed as judgments is going to be really smart. You don't want to come off as judgy and you don't want to make your partner even more frustrated.

4 Allow Your Partner Time to Vent

Allowing your partner time to vent is going to be critical when you are in a relationship with an addict. They need to vent about their addiction, they need to let you know how they are feeling. This will honestly be the breaking point for you and your partner – whether you can just let them vent to you. They don't typically want solutions, just a common ground where they can use you as a sounding board.

5 Go to Therapy Together

Therapy is going to be a must when you are dating an addict, but why don't you try going to therapy with them? That's a great way to ensure that your relationship lasts and that you two grow stronger and stronger. Truthfully, I think that therapy is a great help and can really make sure that your relationship is an unbreakable bond.

6 Understand the Addiction

Therapy will also help you understand their addiction. If you've never been an addict, you probably don't understand their addiction and exactly what they are going through. This can cause a lot of resentment and can actually lead to breakups, if you let it.

7 Know What You Are Getting into

Before you jump head first into a relationship with an addict, you've got to know what you are getting yourself into. Being in a relationship with an addict is incredible, but it is a lot of work and you've got to make sure that you are careful and you don't allow them to relapse.

8 Have a Support Group Yourself

Finally, a support group for you, with people who are in a relationship with an addict could save you! A support group like this is a great way for you to vent and for you to get things off of your chest, without your partner finding out!

While being in a relationship with an addict can be really difficult, it is so worth it in the end. Have you ever been in a relationship with an addict? How did you handle it? Tell me!

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