8 Ways to Refresh Your Relationship ...


When was the last time you made an effort to refresh your relationship? While they shouldnā€™t be hard work all the time, every relationship could benefit from a little TLC every now and again, and I donā€™t just mean Valentineā€™s Day. Want to know what relationship counselors advise? Here are their top tips on how to refresh your relationshipā€¦

1. Communicationā€¦

Yep, so we all know communication is important. Thereā€™s more to just being around each other, though. Do you have regular times to sit and talk things over? Do you have tried-and-tested ways to explain your problems, worries, fears and dreams to each other? Make sure you keep the lines of communication open, and youā€™ll effortlessly refresh your relationship.

Reflect and Repeatā€¦


Loran Tyler
Do something you wouldn't try before, cooking class or hiking somewhere. Also little competition can get some sparks flying
Heather Jensen
Oh! That's an awesome tip Ana! Thanks for that!
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Ana Sims
Take a day and/or night off from each other - go out with your girlfriends, let him go out with the guys. When you both are reunited at the end of it, talk about what you did. Doing separate activitie...
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