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7 Ways Lesbian Relationships Are Different ...

By Heather

I've been in a lesbian relationship for about 6 years now and I always wondered how lesbian relationships are different from straight relationships. I've been in one straight relationship, when I was trying to find myself and, truthfully, they are not that different. However, there are some things that are more understanding in a lesbian relationship. If you don't understand how two girls can be together and how lesbian relationships are different from your relationship, take a look below.

1 More Understanding of PMS

Do you know how most guys do not understand anything about Aunt Flow? Well, if you are in a lesbian relationship, there is a lot more understanding of PMS and of cramps. This was definitely one of the 'how lesbian relationships are different' moments for me. My girl is completely understanding when I start to get a little testy during that time of month.

2 Fairer Fights

While in straight relationships, there are a lot of misunderstandings in fights. When you are with the same sex, the fights typically consist of more discussions and talking. My girlfriend and I fight a decent amount but all of the fights are typically just discussions of hurt feelings instead of huge blow-up fights.


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3 Lots of Communication

I swear, nobody communicates more than in a lesbian relationship. We talk about everything and anything that is on our minds. So I always know what my girl is thinking about and she knows what I am thinking about. I'm not saying you don't have this type of communication in a hetero relationship at all, but do you understand a lot of the actions that your man does? In a relationship like this, you get it.

4 Jealousy

There is typically a lot of jealousy in a lesbian relationship – but again, it depends on the relationship and the people that you are with. The jealousy is different though – if a girl looks better than her girlfriend, it could be some resentment or even some jealousy over the fact that she looks really good. Girls have a natural competitive side to them, so that can come out negatively in this type of relationship. Then again, a girl might be proud of her stunner and feel jealous because so many people are checking her out. It all depends!

5 Insecurities

This point goes hand-in-hand with the jealousy one, as there can be some insecurities over the fact that your girlfriend might look better than you or might have better clothes. The moral to the story? Don't be insecure in your relationship. Your girlfriend loves you for who you are!

6 Family Need

As I said, I've been in my relationship for about 6 years and we both have a family need that is so great. I get that she wants to spend time with her family and she understands that I want to spend time with mine. There is no 'oh, you have lunch with your mom 3 days a week?' in this type of relationship!

7 Switching of Roles

Finally, in a lesbian relationship, you can switch roles a lot! My girlfriend typically cooks and does a lot of the housework, but that doesn't mean that I couldn't do that either. There is no one specific role in this type of relationship, which is really nice!

So, if you've been dying to know exactly how a lesbian relationship is different, here is my take! So, what other ways are gay relationships different? Share below!

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