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Looking for some ideas for romance to spice things up a bit between you and your lover? I have some fun and fresh tips right here in case you are wondering how to inject a little jazz into your love life! With busy schedules and hectic days, time for romance can slip through the cracks. Don’t let that happen to you and your partner. Grab one of these ideas for romance and get to work.

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Even/Odd Day

Here is one of my top ideas for romance because it is equal work for both partners involved. A relationship can go stale if it’s only one of you planning all the date nights and doing all the work. So follow the even day/odd day rules. On the even days of the week YOU pick something romantic and on the odd days of the week, your lover chooses. If you can’t do something every single day, then alternate weeks with each other. You take even weeks and give your partner odd weeks.


Classic Romance

Classic romance is still one of the best ways to a woman or man’s heart. Here are a few ideas for classic romance: Hand-picked wildflowers for your lover, an old-fashioned letter mailed and sealed with a kiss and a spray of perfume, a candle-light dinner, a moon-lit walk, and an evening spent dancing under the stars.


Chocolate Lovers

Is your lover in cahoots with chocolate? Here are a few slammin’ ideas of ways to gift your significant other chocolate. Fill their favorite breakfast cereal box with Hershey kisses. Fix up a basket with different chocolate syrups and attach a pair of sexy panties. Deliver a chocolate bar to their work/school. Bake a pan of brownies and leave it for him or her to discover on the kitchen counter.


Working Hard

We all have those long and rough days at work. If you know your lover is having one of those blah days, then sneak into their car at work. Leave a note, a box of candy, dinner date instructions, or a naughty piece of lingerie. Your sweetheart will appreciate the thought and look forward to de-stressing with your thoughtful gift after a bad day at work.


Practical but Thoughtful

Not every idea for romance may include candles and rose petals. Sometimes the quickest way to light your lover's fire is to do something practical for him or her. Clean the house, run a few important errands, take care of that overdue project, do something he or she has been asking you to do for a long time, or simply order take out for dinner after a stressful day. These things can really boost your relationship sizzle.


Surprise Date

The anticipation and power of surprise and intrigue is still one of the best romance ideas in the book! Plan a complete surprise date for your lover. Tell them what to wear, what to bring, and when to be ready. Reveal the evening’s events as they occur. Some ideas include horseback rides, rock climbing, a cooking class, a play, a couple’s massage, a wine tasting, a walk on the beach, or a picnic under the stars.


The Little Things

It’s crucial to your relationship not to forget the little things. Little things like sending an “I love you” text on your lunch break, or holding hands while you walk through the mall. Pack your lover's suitcase for a business trip or have lunch delivered on busy days. These things can really help you connect and remember why you fell in love to begin with.

Romance is something we all desire in our lives, so make time for it! Which of these ideas for romance do you love the most? Please comment below with your own ideas, and thanks for reading!

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Got some good inspiration from this article. Thanks!

Old fashion letter sealed with a kiss and a spray of perfume!! Am so trying this

perfect :)

Love this. So many great ideas :)

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