7 Ways to Tell Him You're in the Mood without Saying a Word ...


Sometimes you want to give your man the message that you’re in the mood without coming right out and saying it. Letting him know in a more subtle manner can be sexy. If you need some ideas on this subject then you’re in the right place. These are 7 ideas you can use to tell him you’re in the mood without saying a word.

1. Give Him a Real Kiss

After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, those passionate kisses you shared so frequently at the beginning of your relationship can fade. They’re replaced by the sweet but simple brush of his lips against yours. There’s something to be said for being comfortable with those sorts of kisses but they don’t always invoke a lot of sexual desire. Give him a passionate kiss, maybe letting your body press up against his in the process. He’ll get the message.

Model Some Lingerie


My man s out for more than 15 days at a stretch... Sometimes he jumps to it straight and sometimes i hav to make it happen... For those days, ill deff try these. Lets c wat wrks.. Wil kepe u al updated ;)
Lol yeah i guess so Carey. Stupid video games lol
Lucky you, Emily!! I'm just gonna have to keep trying, just have to try to find a time when he's not gaming working or sleeping. Lol :D
Wow Carey.. Your guy sounds like a jerk.. Sorry to say but for a guy to say that? Holy.. These all work on my man. :)
Isabella Coles
Clothes thing works in the morning on weekends for me, I seem to take my time with it lol - that and the cleavage always works!
Kayy I agree the clothes thing doesn't work. I tried the lingerie one and this is how it ended: "wow!! Go wait in the bedroom and I'll come ****you as soon as I'm done my game" (Call of Duty). He came...
It all depends how you get undressed.
The clothes thing doesn't work he looks but it doesnt go any further. The kiss things a good idea gna give it a go. :)
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