What You Need to Know πŸ€” about Toning down ⏬ Jealousy 😀 and Avoid 🚫 Being a Crazy 😜 Girlfriend πŸ’‘ ...


It’s difficult to change your personality once you are far into your life, even if this need for change is intrinsic and comes from within. Jealousy is one of those ugly personality traits that all of us would do better without but is also very tricky to deal with without blowing up emotionally. When it comes to relationships, it can lead to numerous fights and misunderstandings for no good reason. Therefore, it is something that must be contained so here are a few tips to tone down your jealousy!

1. Be Rational and Realize That Jealousy is Unnecessary

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Unless you have a good reason to suspect something, you must push away the jealousy and look at the situation from a rational perspective. Is being jealous and showing it really the right thing to do here? Do you have a good reason for it? If the answer to both of those questions is no, take a deep breath and push the jealousy away!

Develop a More Optimistic View of People


Manni Krapis
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Xo
Manni Krapis
And now we are rekindling kind of. So with his past being taken into consideration but is now back, he still hasn't said he wants a r/ship. I just don't know how to interpret it. Trying not to be jealous and insecure.
Manni Krapis
He and I have a karmic relationship. We are just bound to a magnetic pull. After we broke up he had various encounters. And so I felt I was cheated on somehow.one of those people was his ex which is the mother of their kids. Can't help but feel insecure.
This is one of those topics that is very hard to understand and to put into action. It's so easy to be a joules freak even when they do nothing. I'm now struggling with his past and he hasn't even giving me a reason to doubt him.
How do I simply let the person go without looking back or thinking of that person?
Keara Dennis
Remember that you guys are possibly building a relationship for the future. Most men hate it when women are jealous... Makes them think you are insecure 😩
How do I deal with jealousy when the person and I do not have a relationship
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