Classic Dating Mistakes Even Smart Women in Their 30s Make ...


Classic Dating Mistakes Even Smart Women in Their 30s Make ...
Classic Dating Mistakes Even Smart Women in Their 30s Make ...

There are so many dating mistakes that I've made in the past. Now that I'm married and in my 30s, I was thinking back on every classic mistake I made when I was single and mingling. Below, I've compiled a list of everything that you don't want to do – remember, don't fall into the trap!

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Waiting for 'the Perfect Time'

cartoon, anime, LEWIS, CARROLL, ITUMELR, Constantly, you are waiting for the perfect time. You are waiting for things to fall into place, for you to be financially secure, for you to be completely and totally debt free. Ladies, there is no such thing! You are truly making it harder on yourself. I'm not saying to settle, but I am also not saying that you should wait for the mythical 'perfect time'.


You're on Repeat with the 'type' You Date

person, facial expression, skin, emotion, Maybe, We all have our type that we are attracted to. The problem with that is if you don't go outside of your type, you'll constantly be recycling the same partner over and over again! Clearly, it isn't going to work – so switch it up, date someone outside of your comfort zone. It'll be huge for you, promise!


Being so Direct

person, album cover, film, Where, the, Yes, I agree with being direct and aggressive with what you want, however, if you are too aggressive, you could actually be off-putting to guys. Make sure that you are direct but not too direct. It can come across wrong. It is all about how you approach it.


Holding out for Every Bit of Perfection

person, profession, album cover, Well,, nobody, Nobody is perfect, including you. How can you expect your future partner to be perfect? No, I'm being serious, how can you expect that? You can't, so that means that you'll have to lower your expectations and stop asking for someone that is perfect.


Self-pity Whining

pet, 4:00:, Wallowin, self-pity', You should never self-pity yourself and you certainly shouldn't let it slip into your relationship. This is absolutely one of the biggest mistakes that women in their 30s make because we are waiting for the perfect mate and might not think we are good enough for just anyone.


Trying to Rehabilitate a Bad Boy

hair, blond, hairstyle, nose, eyewear, Girls, give up the idea of trying to change someone, especially a bad boy. Seriously, it isn't going to happen and you just have to give it up. For me, I'll never, ever try to rehabilitate any more bad boys.


Being Available Always

, One thing that you don't want to be is available all of the time. Sure, it's great if you get back to a boy right away, however, you shouldn't text back right away, shouldn't be available every night of the week – let him wait! It will make him want you more and truthfully, he'll know that you aren't always going to be available so he better make plans soon.

What mistakes have you made? Where have you gone wrong in your relationships? Give it up in the comments ladies!

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Am a bit direct

Am kinda been available anytime he wants

I'm terrified of love so I did what I shouldn't ever do which is nit pick every negative thing I found in the guy and called things off...

Never date a man the promises and doesn’t deliver. There is always an excuse and then and then and then..... Groundhog Day and next thing you know time passes and nothing has changed.

I tried dating someone different and out of my comfort zone. It left me right back where I started and feeling even more frustrated with dating 😖😫

I actually tried to change a bad boy i was dating earlier, but that was truly a mistake...

Nice one sweetheart

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