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How Girls with Anxiety Are Dating and Loving Differently ...

By Alicia

Anxiety is something you can’t fully understand unless you’ve personally experienced it. It’s a relentless and horrible combination of feeling overly stressed, emotional and fielding waves of sheer panic that can be absolutely terrifying. It isn’t who you are but it’s undeniably a part of you. Because of that, if you’ve got anxiety, you’re going to date and love differently.

1 You Need Reassurance

clothing, hair, person, woman, blond, Anxiety will place worry in places there’s absolutely no need for it. That includes your relationship. It can take a long time to feel confident in a guy’s feelings for you because you’re battling chronic worry. Because of this, you need reassurance of his love. A guy that’ll freely give that is truly your knight in shining armor.

2 Your Relationship is Your Safety Net

, Right or wrong, good or bad, your relationship becomes your safety net because of anxiety. Because he’s the closest one to you, he’s also the one you turn to for comfort and support. A man that can understand your need for him to be your safe place easily steals your heart. How could a woman struggling with anxiety resist a man who gives her that?

3 You’re Very Perceptive 💁

hair, person, hairstyle, Anxiety doesn’t mean you’re lacking in intelligence. Far from it! In fact, most people that suffer from anxiety are very intelligent and also quite sensitive to the feelings of others. This ability means you’re perceptive and can pick up on any little change in your man’s mood. If something is wrong with him, he can trust you’ll always figure that out. Better still, you’re happy when you can be there for him like he’s always been there for you.

4 You’re More Grateful than the Average Girlfriend

sailing, sail, vehicle, boat, sailboat, Anxiety isn’t easy. You realize that and never forget how blessed you are to have a man that deals with your ups and downs and fears that extend way beyond the norm. Gratitude is something that a girl with anxiety never lacks in. You appreciate that he loves you, all of you, including the anxiety ridden part that you often don’t care so much for. A man dating a girl with anxiety will never be taken for granted.

5 You Need Him to Be Proud of You

clothing, hair, footwear, model, leather, When you have anxiety, you have a lot of fears. A common one in relation to dating and loving is that your boyfriend will be ashamed of you because of your struggles with anxiety. You need to know that’s not the case. You need to know that he sees past that into the heart of who you truly are. You need to know he’s proud of the person beneath the anxiety.

6 You’re Fully Committed

vacation, swimming pool, sea, coast, coral reef, Girls with anxiety often hold others at a distance. It’s not often that someone makes it into your inner circle. If a guy is able to get past that boundary then you hold him close. You have no problem fully committing to a relationship. If a man is looking for a girl for the long haul, you can be that for him. He never has to doubt your love for him.

7 You Give Everything to the Relationship 💜

clothing, person, human positions, model, photography, A girl who has anxiety never forgets how much her boyfriend gives to her. His love, care, reassurance and understanding are priceless. Simply reaching for your hand when he knows you’re scared means more than words can say. Because the man you’re with gives you so much you give everything you have to the relationship, too. You do your best to give him the happiness he’s given you.

You’re going to date and love differently if you have anxiety but that’s okay. There’re many benefits in that for the guy you choose. Do you feel these points were on target for you?

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