How Girls with Anxiety Are Dating and Loving Differently ๐Ÿ’‘ ...

Anxiety is something you canโ€™t fully understand unless youโ€™ve personally experienced it. Itโ€™s a relentless and horrible combination of feeling overly stressed, emotional and fielding waves of sheer panic that can be absolutely terrifying. It isnโ€™t who you are but itโ€™s undeniably a part of you. Because of that, if youโ€™ve got anxiety, youโ€™re going to date and love differently.

1. You Need Reassurance

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Anxiety will place worry in places thereโ€™s absolutely no need for it. That includes your relationship. It can take a long time to feel confident in a guyโ€™s feelings for you because youโ€™re battling chronic worry. Because of this, you need reassurance of his love. A guy thatโ€™ll freely give that is truly your knight in shining armor.

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