Relationship Age Gap: How Big is Too Big? ๐Ÿ’‘ ...

When out in the dating scene, itโ€™s hard to tell what the acceptable age range is for you and your partner. Everyone has an opinion about it but itโ€™s not purely black and white, especially when considering feelings and particular circumstances. When faced with this sort of situation, some may resort to the โ€œhalf your age plus sevenโ€ equation and the reverse, while others might relate to the โ€œage is just a numberโ€ saying! Either way, this delicate situation should be approached with an open mind, but also a realistic perspective.

1. Reconsider Your Relationship if It May Lead to Legal Trouble

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If you or your significant other are currently a minor, it might be a good idea to reconsider your relationship and put things into perspective. While age gap relationships between two adults may not be something that is against the law, dating a minor can lead to serious legal trouble. Even if you both promise to wait on intimacy, things happen and once they do, they can take on a very twisted turn. Save yourself the trouble and find someone without acceptable age range by law.

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