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Relationship Age Gap How Big is Too Big? ...

By Vladlena

When out in the dating scene, it’s hard to tell what the acceptable age range is for you and your partner. Everyone has an opinion about it but it’s not purely black and white, especially when considering feelings and particular circumstances. When faced with this sort of situation, some may resort to the “half your age plus seven” equation and the reverse, while others might relate to the “age is just a number” saying! Either way, this delicate situation should be approached with an open mind, but also a realistic perspective.

1 Reconsider Your Relationship if It May Lead to Legal Trouble

clothing, t shirt, color, pink, sleeve,If you or your significant other are currently a minor, it might be a good idea to reconsider your relationship and put things into perspective. While age gap relationships between two adults may not be something that is against the law, dating a minor can lead to serious legal trouble. Even if you both promise to wait on intimacy, things happen and once they do, they can take on a very twisted turn. Save yourself the trouble and find someone without acceptable age range by law.

2 Age Gap Relationship Can Lead to Generational Differences

vacation, swimming pool, sun tanning,An important thing to keep in mind is that on top of typical relationship problems, age gap relationships have to face generational differences. You might find that you and your partner have different opinions on certain ideas, parting taste in music, movies, etc. If all of these are something that you are not able to deal with, I’d say that the gap is too big for the relationship to prosper.


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3 Lifestyle Differences Will Prove to Be Difficult to Deal with

person, human action, kiss, man, male,In additional to generational differences, there are lifestyle differences that can become a great concern. Due to the fact that both of you might have been raised under different ideals and environments, you might lead a different lifestyle from your partner that will prove not to be compatible long term. While sometimes these differences can bring two people together, other times they put a large strain on the relationship. As a result, if this is something that greatly worries you, the gap might be too big!

4 Differences in Life Stages Are Expected to Bring up Problems

vacation, sea, photo shoot, jumping,In addition to the disparities mentioned above, the two of you might be in disagreeing life stages. Your partner might be looking to produce offspring and start a family but you might not be ready for it, or be way past that stage not wanting to become an old parent. These differences in life stages can lead to foreseeable issues and they are definitely something that the gap should be measured with.

5 If You’re Not Ready to Face Judgements, the Gap Might Be Too Big

clothing, leg, blond, undergarment, thigh,If you are not ready to experience disapproval from close family, friends or the society in general, you might not to ready to be in age gap relationship at all. If the age gap is not something you are comfortable with despite the great relationship dynamic and chemistry, the gap is too big!

6 Experts Agree That More than 10-year Difference Can Lead to Issues

clothing, vacation, sea, ocean, beauty,If you are seeking some guidance from experts, most of them agree that more than 10-year difference in a relationship can lead to problems. While there is always an exception to every situation, issues stemming from differences in ages can have a great impact on the future of the couple.

7 At the Same Time Don’t Limit Yourself and Stay Open-minded

clothing, photography, photo shoot, portrait photography, portrait,However, do not be alarmed and try to avoid strictly restricting yourself to a certain age range. Stay open-minded because love can find you when you least expect it! As always remain realistic and practical but don’t set rigid standards that would be hard for individuals to meet!

What are your thoughts on age gap relationships? Share your experiences and advice with us in the comments!

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