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What do You do when Your Crush is Taken?

By Holly

It's heartbreaking to find out that your crush is taken. It's not the end of the world, but it can sure feel like it. That's why it can help to have a plan for dealing with the unfortunate situation. Here are a few of the different paths you can take after you find out your crush is in a relationship:

1 Examine Your Other Options

When your crush is taken, your best move is to move on. There are plenty of other guys you know that would make excellent boyfriends. That doesn't mean you should settle for them, of course. It just means you should search around to find someone that's just as awesome as your current crush is.

2 Wait for Their Break up

Sometimes love is a waiting game. While you don't want to actively attempt to break up your crush and his girlfriend, it might happen naturally. If you really like him, then you should be patient. If you two are meant to be, he'll break up with her eventually and then you can make your move.

3 Settle for a Friendship with Him

You don't have to cut a guy out of your life, just because he has a girlfriend. If you like him for more than his looks, then you should be happy to call him your friend. However, you should only attempt to become buddies with him if you can handle hearing him brag about his dating life. If you think you can handle those awkward conversations, then nothing should stop you from trying to make a new friend. After all, he might have someone he could set you up with that's just as cute as he is.

4 Find out if They're Exclusive

If you catch your crush kissing another girl, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's in a committed relationship with her. She might just be a fling, or he might have kissed her once and then told her it was a mistake. Do your best detective work to find out if your crush is serious about the girl you saw him with, or if she's already old news. If they're not exclusive, then you still have a chance.

5 Respect His Girlfriend

No matter how upset you are over your crush landing a girlfriend, you can't badmouth her. It's fine to complain to your close friends about her, in order to get out your frustration. However, under no circumstances should you spread rumors about her or treat her with disrespect, just because you're jealous.

6 Don't Admit Your Feelings...

Nine out of ten times, you shouldn't tell someone in a relationships that you're crazy about them. It'll only make their situation messy. If you care about your crush, then don't ruin his current relationship by adding your feelings into the mix. It'll either make him confused about who he should be with, or it'll just make him feel bad about hurting you.

7 ... or do Admit Your Feelings

Although the majority of the time, admitting your feelings to someone who is already taken is a horrible idea, it's occasionally a good option. For instance, if your crush is in an emotionally abusive relationship that you know is unhealthy for him, you can admit your feelings to him, so he knows that he doesn't have to stick with a girl who treats him poorly.

No one wants their crush to be taken, but if he is, you have to take the news with your head held high. Is your crush currently in a relationship?

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