Is He Busy or Blowing You off?


Is He Busy or Blowing You off?
Is He Busy or Blowing You off?

Some men are hard to figure out. They'll act like they like you one day, but then they'll ignore you the next. If you've been trying to figure out whether your crush has been too busy to contact you or if he's just not interested, you no longer have to worry. Here are a few signs that he's not actually busy, and that he's just blowing you off:

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His Excuses Never Make Sense

performance,entertainment,guitarist,stage,music, If he tells you that he can't hang out, because he promised his mom he'd wash her car, then he's blowing you off. It only takes a few minutes to wash a car, so he could make time for you if he really wanted to.


When someone makes excuses for why they can't hang out with you, it's important to pay attention to the details. If the excuse seems too far-fetched or doesn't make sense, then it's likely they are just blowing you off.

For example, if someone says they can't come out because they promised their mom they would wash her car, it's a sign that they don't want to hang out with you. Washing a car only takes a few minutes, and if they really wanted to hang out, they could make time for you.

If someone is frequently making excuses for why they can't hang out with you, it's important to take a step back and evaluate the situation. It's possible that they are just too busy, but it's also likely that they are not interested in spending time with you.

If you're not sure what is going on, it's important to communicate with the person. Ask them if they are too busy or if something else is going on. If they continue to make excuses for why they can't hang out, it's a sign that they're not interested in spending time with you.


He Never Actually Gives You an Excuse

DON'T,WANT,HEAR,ANY,GODDAMN, Maybe he never even gives you an excuse at all. If he simply tells you that he can't hang out, and doesn't provide an explanation, he probably doesn't have one.


He Won’t Answer Your Texts

person,mouth,muscle,supermodel,screenshot, If he'll answer your sister's messages in five seconds flat, but takes days to answer yours, he's blowing you off. He has time to talk to you, he just doesn't want to.


This kind of selective responsiveness is a glaring red flag. Sure, life can be hectic, but if noticing a pattern where he's constantly putting off replying to you, it’s time to question his intentions. Remember, when someone genuinely cares, they’ll find a moment amidst the chaos to drop a line. Consistency in communication is key. If he’s only reaching out when it's convenient for him or to serve his own interests, consider if this is the treatment you deserve. Your time and emotional investment are valuable—don't settle for less.


He Cancels All of Your Plans

speech,person,official,TERMS,INSTANT, Canceling plans once is understandable. But making it a habit means that he just doesn't want to put in the effort to see you.


When you notice a pattern developing - he's always allegedly swamped right before you're supposed to get together - it gets harder to give him the benefit of the doubt. Consistently broken promises to spend time together are a huge red flag. If he cared as much as you do, he would find a way to make it work, not excuses. True commitment means making sacrifices sometimes, and if he's not meeting you halfway, it's probably time to reassess where you stand.


His Phone Goes to Voicemail after One Ring

Leave,your,name,,number,and, Phones take a while to go to voicemail. If it goes to voicemail after one ring, it means he pressed "ignore" on your call.


Normally, when someone is genuinely busy, their phone will ring several times before being directed to voicemail. This allows them the chance to possibly pick up if they become free. However, a single ring followed by sudden silence is a subtle but clear message: he's seeing your call, and he's choosing not to answer. Don't jump to conclusions right away; there may be valid reasons. But if this becomes a pattern, you might have to face the possibility that you're not his priority. Keep an eye on this behavior, as it's often an indicator of where his intentions truly lie.


He Takes Days to Answer Your Texts

muscle,Did,you,get,text?, It's not that difficult to answer a simple message. If he can't get back to you in twenty-four hours, it's because he doesn't want to.


He Posts Partying Pictures on Social Media

ready, If he tells you he's busy with work, but you always see pictures of him partying with friends on Facebook, then he's a liar. It's as simple as that.


He Always Cancels at the Last Minute

person,mouth,human body,You,can't, If he cancels at the last minute, you're probably his backup plan. He found better things to do.


Another tell-tale sign that you're not his top priority is the stream of last-minute excuses that seem to cascade in each time you have plans. It feels like he's constantly citing unexpected work emergencies, sick pets, or family obligations—sometimes the excuses might even seem plausible, but the pattern is anything but. Remember, when someone values and respects your time, they'll make an effort to prioritize your plans, or at least inform you in advance, not resort to eleventh-hour bailouts. Your time is precious, don't let him treat it with anything less than the respect it deserves.


He Claims His Phone Died

100%, Everyone carries around their charger. There's no excuse for your phone dying.


It's no secret that modern life practically revolves around our smartphones — so much so that being unprepared for a low battery seems almost unthinkable. We check emails, texts, and social media obsessively, and when it comes to people we care about, we're often quick to plug in at the first low battery warning. If he's telling you his phone died as a regular excuse, you might want to question the truth behind that statement. Chances are, a dead phone is a convenient cover-up for simply not wanting to communicate.


He Never Starts the Conversation

WSSC,screenshot,have,something,there, You shouldn't always be the one starting the conversations. If you are, he probably doesn't want to have them.


It's a give-and-take when it comes to texting and calling. If you find yourself constantly looking at your phone, hoping he'll reach out, it's time to take a step back. Mutual interest spurs mutual effort. Without that, you're simply chasing shadows of what could be, rather than building on what is. Remember, a relationship thrives on balance. If the scale is always tipping in your direction, it might be a sign that his attention lies elsewhere. Communication is a two-way street, and it's important that he shows up to walk it with you.


You See a "read" Receipt on Your Messages

OHHH,FALLON,TONIGHT,LIBRA, If he had enough time to read your messages, he had enough time to respond.


Sometimes, the digital world gives us subtle hints about someone's priorities. If your messages are consistently left with a read receipt but without a reply, it's easy to feel like you're not high on his priority list. Sure, everyone has hectic days, but if this becomes a pattern, it might signal that he's not as invested in the conversation as you are. It's important to remember that if someone truly cares, they'll find a moment to let you know—even if it's just a brief acknowledgment.


He Never Seems Interested in Your Convos

person,people,man,conversation,interaction, Does he answer every text message with "k?" Then he isn't all that interested in what you have to say.


When your messages seem like they're only ever met with minimal response, or when he consistently takes hours to reply to a simple text, it's a red flag. If he cared, he'd be more engaged. Remember, it doesn't take much effort to show interest in a conversation. Even during a hectic day, he'd find a moment to send more than a one-letter reply. If his phone is always attached to his hand but your messages remain unanswered, it's time to question his intentions. Don't settle for someone who makes you feel like an afterthought.


You Have to Text Him Ten Times in a Row until He Answers

person,screenshot,hand,finger,HIT-, If you have to double text him to get him to answer, it's a bad sign.


Continuously sending him messages only to be met with silence is not only frustrating but also detrimental to your self-worth. Remember, a person who truly values you will make time for you, no matter how busy they are. If you're always the one initiating conversation and he regularly takes hours or even days to respond, it’s possible that you’re not a priority. A healthy relationship involves mutual effort and communication should be a two-way street. Don't settle for someone who makes you question your value or chase after their attention.


He Won’t Give You a Rain Check

If he wanted to spend time with you, he'd make new plans with you after he cancelled old plans.


When a guy is genuinely interested, canceling a date doesn't mean disappearing off the radar. It's normal for unforeseen circumstances to crop up; however, what's telling is his eagerness to reschedule. A man who cares will immediately suggest an alternative time or date to ensure he doesn't lose the opportunity to see you. If he's vague, non-committal, or continually dodges the topic of setting a new date, it's a red flag. It might be his subtle way of signaling that he's not as invested in the relationship as you are.


He's Unemployed

brand,name,George.,I'm,employed, If he's unemployed and out of school, what could be taking up so much of his time?


Unemployment doesn't necessarily translate to a free schedule packed with potential for socializing or dating. He might be under the stress of job hunting, which can be an exhaustive full-time endeavor in itself. Or perhaps he's dedicating his energy to personal development activities or volunteering, paving the road for a more fulfilling career opportunity. If he isn't forthcoming about how he spends his days or if every conversation revolves around his job search woes without room for your shared interests, it might be a sign he's steering the spotlight away from a disinterest in investing time in the relationship.


He Talks about Other Girls

action film,screenshot,BIEBERANDMInA,Turn,ELR, This means he's trying to let you down easy. He wants you to know that he's crushing on others, so you'll stop crushing on him.


Talking about other girls can be a subtle hint that he's not invested in what you two have. He might seem to casually mention dates with others or his attraction to someone else. This tactic is his non-confrontational way of signaling his lack of romantic interest without having to have the tough conversation. If you find yourself hearing more about his crushes than about his day, it's a signal to start looking elsewhere for someone who can give you the attention and commitment you deserve.


He Forgets Your Name

screenshot,THAT'S,NOT,NAME!, If he calls you by the wrong name, he definitely isn't interested.

Men aren't all that confusing when you stop to examine their behaviors. Has a certain someone been blowing you off lately?

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I just met this guy two days ago at school and he said he'd send me a message on Facebook. how long should I wait for him to contact me?

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