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Is He Busy or Blowing You off?

By Holly

Some men are hard to figure out. They'll act like they like you one day, but then they'll ignore you the next. If you've been trying to figure out whether your crush has been too busy to contact you or if he's just not interested, you no longer have to worry. Here are a few signs that he's not actually busy, and that he's just blowing you off:

1 His Excuses Never Make Sense

performance,entertainment,guitarist,stage,music, If he tells you that he can't hang out, because he promised his mom he'd wash her car, then he's blowing you off. It only takes a few minutes to wash a car, so he could make time for you if he really wanted to.

2 He Never Actually Gives You an Excuse

DON'T,WANT,HEAR,ANY,GODDAMN, Maybe he never even gives you an excuse at all. If he simply tells you that he can't hang out, and doesn't provide an explanation, he probably doesn't have one.

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3 He Won’t Answer Your Texts

person,mouth,muscle,supermodel,screenshot, If he'll answer your sister's messages in five seconds flat, but takes days to answer yours, he's blowing you off. He has time to talk to you, he just doesn't want to.

4 He Cancels All of Your Plans

speech,person,official,TERMS,INSTANT, Canceling plans once is understandable. But making it a habit means that he just doesn't want to put in the effort to see you.

5 His Phone Goes to Voicemail after One Ring

Leave,your,name,,number,and, Phones take a while to go to voicemail. If it goes to voicemail after one ring, it means he pressed "ignore" on your call.

6 He Takes Days to Answer Your Texts

muscle,Did,you,get,text?, It's not that difficult to answer a simple message. If he can't get back to you in twenty-four hours, it's because he doesn't want to.

7 He Posts Partying Pictures on Social Media

ready, If he tells you he's busy with work, but you always see pictures of him partying with friends on Facebook, then he's a liar. It's as simple as that.

8 He Always Cancels at the Last Minute

person,mouth,human body,You,can't, If he cancels at the last minute, you're probably his backup plan. He found better things to do.

9 He Claims His Phone Died

100%, Everyone carries around their charger. There's no excuse for your phone dying.

10 He Never Starts the Conversation

WSSC,screenshot,have,something,there, You shouldn't always be the one starting the conversations. If you are, he probably doesn't want to have them.

11 You See a "read" Receipt on Your Messages

OHHH,FALLON,TONIGHT,LIBRA, If he had enough time to read your messages, he had enough time to respond.

12 He Never Seems Interested in Your Convos

person,people,man,conversation,interaction, Does he answer every text message with "k?" Then he isn't all that interested in what you have to say.

13 You Have to Text Him Ten Times in a Row until He Answers

person,screenshot,hand,finger,HIT-, If you have to double text him to get him to answer, it's a bad sign.

14 He Won’t Give You a Rain Check

If he wanted to spend time with you, he'd make new plans with you after he cancelled old plans.

15 He's Unemployed

brand,name,George.,I'm,employed, If he's unemployed and out of school, what could be taking up so much of his time?

16 He Talks about Other Girls

action film,screenshot,BIEBERANDMInA,Turn,ELR, This means he's trying to let you down easy. He wants you to know that he's crushing on others, so you'll stop crushing on him.

17 He Forgets Your Name

screenshot,THAT'S,NOT,NAME!, If he calls you by the wrong name, he definitely isn't interested.

Men aren't all that confusing when you stop to examine their behaviors. Has a certain someone been blowing you off lately?

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