Find out What Your Silly Arguments Really Say about Your Relationship ...


Find out What Your Silly Arguments Really Say about Your Relationship ...
Find out What Your Silly Arguments Really Say about Your Relationship ...

Arguing is part of being in a relationship. You’re two different people with two different sets of opinions. So what does it say about your relationship when you argue over silly things? Let’s talk about that.

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You’re Real with Each Other

human action, person, image, photography, sense, One thing having silly arguments says about your relationship is that you’re real with each other. You’ve moved past the early phase and you’re keeping it real. You’re not afraid to be honest with each other which is a good thing. Honesty is always important in a relationship. The trick is to balance your honesty with kindness, even in disagreements.


Your Relationship Has Reached a Place of Comfort

human action, black, black and white, photograph, person, Another thing having silly arguments tells you is that you’re comfortable in your relationship. You’re no longer afraid of a breakup over little issues. You feel secure in expressing when you’re unhappy about something. Again, this’s a good thing. But you never want to get so comfortable that you take each other for granted or don’t appreciate what you have together.


You’re Two Separate Individuals

human action, person, romance, interaction, Sometimes it can feel surprising to find out you don’t agree on something because there’re so many things you do agree on. But you’re two different individuals with two different sets of values and opinions. They may often be in sync but sometimes they won’t. Learning to accept and even appreciate your differences is a sign that your relationship is healthy. Getting to that point can actually cut out a lot of the silly little arguments.


You’re Feeling Grouchy 😦

black, black and white, white, photography, monochrome photography, There’re times when you end up in a silly argument just because you’re in a bad mood or are being grouchy. This can go for either of you. One partner is being crabby and the other ends up commenting on it. From there, an argument can begin. It’s unfortunate but it happens in every relationship from time to time.


You’re Could Be Feeling Irritated about Something Bigger

hair, face, person, hairstyle, head, Occasionally a small, silly argument happens because you’re upset over something bigger. You don’t want to go into the bigger issue so you pick a fight over something silly. It’s a way to express that you’re upset without opening up the can of worms you’re avoiding. This isn’t good. It’s best to just deal with whatever is truly bothering you because you won’t feel better about it until you address it.


You May Be Tired

person, interaction, This’s actually when a lot of arguments happen, silly or not. When you’re tired, you’re more likely to argue over anything. I’ve learned that unless it’s truly an immediate issue that has to be dealt with then and there, it’s best not to bring up an issue when it’s late and my husband and I are both tired. Chances are, it won’t seem like such a big deal in the morning. And if it does, you can always choose to deal with it when you’re both well rested.


You’re Normal

black, white, black and white, photograph, person, Lastly, silly arguments mean you’re normal. Every couple has them. Some may have more than others. You can’t be in a long term relationship and not clash over things once in a while. Some couples may have better conflict resolution skills than others but all couples have some level of conflict. So don’t worry because you have arguments; work on how you handle them.

These’re 7 things having silly arguments says about your relationship. What’s the last silly argument you had? You’re always welcome to comment!

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