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Video Guide to What Type of Girlfriend You Are on Valentine's Day ...

By Sici

What type of girlfriend are you on Valentine's Day? Unless you have been living under a rock since Christmas, I’m sure that you are more than aware that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! It’s funny, isn’t it? It is something that comes along every single February, but whether you know it or not, it has the potential to turn you into a completely different person for a week before and a week afterward!

Our poor boyfriends! They never quite know which version of you they are going to get during the month of February, but the real question is, do you know yourself? I’ve found a fun video that gives a rundown of six of the most common and most relatable types of girlfriend that you will find across the world when Valentine’s Day comes along.

Are you the girl who goes all out only to remember that you and your boyfriend decided not to do Valentine’s Day this year? Perhaps you are a kick-ass feminist who argues against the annual tradition but secretly wants to be spoiled rotten? Are you guilty of being one of those girlfriends who engineers all of your Valentine’s day events not with your boyfriend in mind but with your various social media accounts in mind instead? You might be able to relate to one of these types, or you might have a feeling that your behaviour is defined by a different stereotype.

Watch this to find out what type of girlfriend are you on Valentine's Day.
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