When Needs Collide in Relationships ...


When Needs Collide in Relationships ...
When Needs Collide in Relationships ...

You've got to know what to do when needs collide in a relationship. We’ve all have said this line at one point in our lives or another “Baby I need…” However, we also hear “Well baby, I need…” The comeback of what the other needs is a result of both parties not listening to one another and resulting in what I call “needy collision”. The only time that this disastrous conflict occurs is when one expresses their need in order to feel that they are wanted or appreciated. But the funny situation about this is when the receiver's thoughts go into “why should I give her what she needs when she doesn’t do what I need?” This my friends is when needs collide in a relationship.

Now ladies, we already established that you are creatures of emotion, so you already know how to express your emotions and make a request for your needs. But do you know how to tell that to your man? We are “Mr. Fix It” type of creatures. The answer you get won’t be what you’re really looking for. In this situation, tell your man how he can meet your needs. Tell him why it’s important for him to have your needs met. Really express to him by doing this, you will be more inclined and attuned to his unmet needs. Am I implying for you ladies to revert back to a defenseless little girl? No! Be firm and honest with yourself and your man. He needs to know why you’re making the request that you are making.

For the men aspect, we are not as needy but when are needs are unmet, be ready for a war. We are prideful creatures that get what we want. We express our needs in a physical aspect. All we really are trying to say is, “We need to feel we are being the man you deserve”. Some say, “Am I a man to you?” When we lash out our needs, please don’t take it too personally. Although our needs may have something to do with you, the totality of the matter is solely us.

When the next time you and your man’s needs collide, understand really why he wants his needs met. In return, really express your feelings and thoughts to your man of why your needs need to be met. If your relationship goes without a “needy collision”, I guess you picked the right insurance company.

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