Wish Your Crush Would Talk to You?

There's nothing you can do to "guarantee" your crush will approach you and possibly ask you out. But you can do little things here and there to make yourself more attractive and approachable. Nobody wants to approach someone who's standoffish. So if it appears that you don't want to be bothered, you might miss out on the love of your life. No worries – there are seven secrets to seeming more approachable.

1. Make Sure You Dress and Look Nice

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I don't mean to sound superficial, but if you're appealing to the eyes, your crush is more likely to approach you. The truth is, many people judge by the first impression. So if you pay attention to the way you dress, your hair and of course, your hygiene, it'll be easier to attract his attention.

2. Learn How to Maintain Good Eye Contact

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Eye contact is important if you want to seem approachable. This doesn't mean you should stare or else you might come off as creepy stalker. But if your crush walks up to you, maintain good eye contact as he or she speaks, occasionally glancing away. There's a fine line between good eye contact and bad eye contact. As long as you shift your gaze from time to time, you should do just fine.

3. Spend a Few Minutes Alone to Boost His Confidence

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Your crush might feel uncomfortable approaching if you're always with a group of friends. So if you notice your crush looking your direction, or if it seems like he wants to talk to you, excuse yourself from the group for a couple of minutes. Hang out by the drinks or casually walk in his direction alone. This creates the perfect opportunity for him to talk with you.

4. Don't Look like You're Too Preoccupied

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If you seem preoccupied, your crush might get cold feet and look the other way. So if you're at a party or at school and you notice your crush, don't stay glued to your phone or tablet.

5. Put a Smile on Your Face

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Walking around with a frown can intimidate your crush. He might feel that you're in a bad mood, or think you'll blow him off. If you have a subtle smile on your face, or at least look like you're having a good time, he might feel this is a good time to walk up and talk.

6. Drop a Few Hints

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Help your crush by dropping a few hints. It can be hard for someone to approach another person, but if you occasionally look in his direction and make brief eye contact before continuing a conversation with friends, he'll see that you've noticed him. Flash him a quick smile, this might give him the confidence to walk up to you.

7. Don't Hang out with Too Many Guys

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You might have a fabulous time with your guy friends, but if you're always hanging with people of the opposite sex, your crush might assume you're attached to one of them. This doesn't mean you should blow off friends of the same sex, just make sure it's clear that you're single and ready to mingle.

Getting to know someone or dating can be complicated. And it's hard for guys to approach a girl and vice versa. But if you smile, maintain good eye contact and give your crush a few hints, it'll be easier for him to approach you. What are other tips to seeming more approachable?

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