You Will Not Believe Which Parts Men Find Sexually Attractive ...


Is he a boobs man? Does he prefer legs or butts? And then, thereโ€™s there obvious part of a woman man find sexually arousing. But what about all those other body parts? You might be quite surprised that when the clothes come off, there are parts of your body where your man wants to focus on.

1. That Sexy Little Bit of Belly Overhang

Donโ€™t you just hate that bit of stomach overhang โ€“ aka muffin top? Donโ€™t you hate how it hangs ever so slightly over your jeans? Has it gotten to the point where you feel self-conscious wearing a crop top? Guess what, ladies? Men love that bit on a woman. Many men do not like a hard and flat stomach on a woman because it is very masculine. He likes your sexy belly and the fact it feels soft like a tender bosom.

Your Cute and Pretty Teeth


Calling flat stomachs masculine is ridiculous and insulting.
Feet. Vagina boobs
Honestly made me feel a lot better about myself lol thank you so much
My boyfriend loves my forehead lol
peony blue
Yeah I agree but they tend to love a woman's smile more and yet I don't it often. I don't think I have a nice smile.
Its funny but true u know they 'love is blind' for a reason.
Beryl Stokes
As a very senior lady citizen I had to chuckle reading this. They don't all come like some perfect Adonis unfortunately ! Chinky butt at 80 plus ? M'm ! An my twinkle toes with corns ,bunion etc ? Bl...
what skyler said... Lol
Um i dont think having a flat stomach is masculine lol
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