Avoid These 7 Things when Texting Your Crush ...


Are you crushing on someone hot this summer?

If so, you want to avoid doing these 7 things when youโ€™re texting them.

By doing so, you can actually get closer to your crush.

You may end up with them as your boyfriend, which is undoubtedly the goal!

1. Blowing up His Phone

Okay, girlies, I know this is very tempting!

After all, you think heโ€™s just amazing and you want to talk to him all the time.

I get it.

But you donโ€™t want to constantly blow up his phone.

As difficult as it is, you need to give him some space.

Show your interest but donโ€™t let it go overboard.

Texting at the Wrong Time


Vesna Bradaric Gamulin
I did all of it. It's my way.
Helen Williams
Oh no I did it all can I get him back?? Think I've scared him booooo
The last one is very true!!
Abigail Rose
The last point is so important!
I love this post ๐Ÿ˜ it's very helpful & I'm crushing on someone right now
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