7 Crucial Things You Need to Sacrifice when You Find True Love ...


Finding the love of your life is a spectacular thing. However, if you want your relationship to last, there are some key things that you need to give up. You wont be able to continue to act as an individual, because you need to act as a team. That means you have to put the needs of your relationship before your own needs. Here are some crucial things you need to sacrifice when you find true love:

1. Privacy

Sure, you're free to hide away in an empty room to enjoy some alone time, but overall you can no longer be a private person. If your boss yells at you, you can't pretend that nothing happened, because your partner will want to hear about your day. If you have money issues, you need to open up to your partner about it, because it concerns them as well. No matter how good you are at keeping secrets, you need to stop doing so once you find the love of your love.



You can have independence, freedom, and selfishness in a relationship? It's nice to depend on someone but not like you describe it. Terrible article.
I agree with the time thing, but to outright say that your partner comes before your friends is a little too much. For stuff like the example they gave, it makes sense but if your partner wants to spe...
I go out to the bats every weekend. And my other half is ok with it. But it's way better to be in a healthy long term relarionship
Cee Vee
I agree with the time thing however you shouldn't ditch your friends in the process !!
When you're in love giving up things that will interfere usually is easy to do. All relationships needs balance without it trouble follows.
Most of this would come easy.
It's true you don't give it up, you compromise and you want to share the rest of your life with your true love. I have first hand experience with watching my parents
I agree @Renuka
Think *
I don't thom you give up anything when you find "true love ",you compromise willingly
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