15 Cute Ideas to Remind Your Partner You Love Them ...


I love all of these ideas to remind your partner you love them. It’s the little things in life that really matter, and the tiny reminders that you’re loved that keep a smile on your face all day long. My husband and I have always left little surprise notes for each other. We both adore those small tokens of affection and look forward to finding a new one every once in a while. Use some of these ideas to remind your partner you love them and they are likely to leave a few for you in return!

1. Mirror Messages

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This is one of my all time favorite ideas to remind your partner you love them. When I’m getting ready in the morning or preparing for bed at night I love looking up at the mirror and seeing the sweet little messages my husband leaves me. You can get really creative with this and draw fancy pictures if you’re artistic. Use any dry erase markers or buy some window chalk. You can also incorporate window clings/decals if you want to.

Post-It Notes


Rebecca Schreiner
I love these so much!
Gabriella Sophia
@Emily Rose I think if you're going on a break, with the chance of being together after, set ground rules so no-one gets hurt by the other doing something.
Shereen Gul
These tips r interesting.....
Sonali Saujani
I wrote a wallet note for my fiancé and the meanie threw it away...by mistake apparently! Lol...needless to say he is not getting another one!! And to the girls asking about break ups, my fiancé an...
This is cute.. :) thanks!
And one more idea I used is sending sexy text message.
Joyce Lou
Thanks a lot for these :).. Got new ideas.simple thing but very romantic :)
Honey Hong
Thanks for the tips. :) Probably can do some of those when I find someone special. I love the scavenger hunt idea. I used to play that a lot with my sisters when we were small kids. Didn't cross my mind to do it romantically. Nice :)
Emily Rose
@elizabeth ^ I was wondering the same thing. My boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot. Like a lot a lot and we we've been contemplating if a break was the best thing to do.
@elizabeth how do you feel after the break if you don't mind me asking.
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