15 Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Care ...


15 Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Care ...
15 Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Care ...

There are many ways to show your significant other you care. Part of being in a relationship is to take in the other person's feelings and consider them in your thoughts. Whether you are just starting to date someone or been in a relationship for a while it is always important to do little things to show them some appreciation. I am always the girl who thinks I am going to scare the guy away by doing any little thing, but what I have learned is boys actually like to see you care. So if you are ever in doubt if it is going to creep the other person out or actually make them feel special ask yourself, "how would I feel if they did this for me?". Here are 8 ways to show your significant other you care.

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One of the best ways to show your significant other you care in a relationship is by getting them a gift. It's not about how extravagant or big it is, but by how personal you make it. I once filled a huge bag with different types of candy and put it in his car as a surprise just to show I care. Most of us know boys are not mind readers. Sometimes you need to let your man know you like flowers or chocolates or something simple like a note. Gifts show you have someone on your mind and care enough about them to make sure they are recognized.


Gifts are a tangible way to express your love and appreciation for your significant other. They can range from small, thoughtful gestures to grand, expensive gifts. It's important to remember that the thought and effort put into the gift is what truly matters. In a relationship, it's important to communicate your likes and dislikes to your partner, and gifts can be a great way to do so. It's also a way to show that you are thinking about your significant other and want to make them feel special. Whether it's a handwritten note or a lavish present, gifts can strengthen the bond between two people in a relationship.



The thing about PDA is that not everyone likes it. Every one has their own comfort level when it comes to showing off their relationship in public. Sometimes its nice to be thrown against a wall and just have an amazing make out session. That heat and passion shows all you care about is having the other person right then and there. For couples who are more quiet on the affection front, sometimes a simple hand holding or kiss can have the same meaning. Stepping out of your comfort zone for another shows you care.



One of my favorite things to see on my phone is a message saying, "hey just thinking of you". Every one likes to know they are wanted or thought about. Show you care by sending a quick text saying, "i miss you, i want you, i love you." Anything of those sorts works to get the point across. I know it sounds cheesy and the thing is it is depending on who you are sending it to. If it's a guy you are newly dating I wouldn't throw it out there yet, but if it is someone you are in a relationship with and trust they aren't going to get freaked out because of a little message, go ahead and send away!


Take an Interest

A great way to show you care about someone is to take an interest in their likes and dislikes. If someone has a favorite sport's team take time and invest in learning about them. Even better surprise them with tickets, or buy yourself a jersey to wear when watching them on the television! If someone loves to eat, put some research in to a few recipes and set up a nice dinner. A simple thing is just remembering your crush's favorite drink. Besides just the good things, make sure you note the things your crush doesn't like. If they hate shopping make sure to never take them to a mall as a hang out spot.


Accept Your Man for Whom He is

The last thing a guy wants is for you to change him. Besides, if you fell for the person you met why would you want to mold him into something different? Go find a different guy if your man isn't the type you truly want. Everyone is always afraid of not being enough, or not being the correct type of "perfect", so to accept your other in all forms is an amazing way to show you care. Having that feeling of security and trust that the person your with cares about you just how you are is what takes your heart to that next level.


Just Be There

It's always nice to be able to pick up the phone and know you have someone who will listen to you complain. Sometimes just being there for a person as a sound board can mean the world to them. A really sweet way to show someone you care is to be there for them when they are sick. Make a little care package of their favorite movies and some chicken noodle soup. Who doesn't like comfort when they're feeling down?


Remember Things He Tells You

Guys and girls in general always feel special when you remember something important they have said to you. Any time I have been on a date and the guy remembers my favorite flower, something about my personality, or takes me somewhere I've always wanted to go, it shows me how much he cares about me. The fact the person I'm with actually listens to me is a great feeling, so just think how the other person would feel if you did that for them.


Say Thank You

One of the most important ways to show you care is to just simply say, "thank you." Even though actions speak louder then words, some times the most simplest of an appreciation is just enough. Make sure you don't over do it by saying it every time your guy does something simple or chivalrous. You don't want to say it so often it loses its value or just sounds robotic.


Do Something Nice

A simple way to show your significant other that you care is to do something nice for them! Do a load of laundry, wash some dishes, go grocery shopping, get the car washed or anything that they've been meaning to do but haven't will really show that you pay attention and that you care.


Make Something

Do you like to cook or bake? How about making something special for your significant other to show your love? If your partner is like most people, food is always appreciated and cooking is an inexpensive way to show you care. You don't have to get too crazy with a 5-course meal. Make his favorite dish or a dessert, as long as it's from the heart, it's all that matters.


Surprise Him

If your guy has been bugging you about going to see a certain movie or doing something that you're not particularly interested in doing, surprise him and do it! Let him plan date night or your weekend so he gets to do what he's been wanting to do. It'll mean a lot to him and he won't forget the gesture.


Honor Him

Don't wait for a special occasion to honor or recognize your guy! Any day is a good day to show someone you care about them. Take your guy out for dinner, drinks or anyplace he likes to go and take time to tell him how much you love and care about him.


Give Him Your Undivided Attention

Everyone is busy and we tend to multitask all the time. While it might be a good time saver to do multiple things at once, it's not a good way to spend time with your guy. The next time the two of you are together, put your phone, tablet and any other distraction away and give him your undivided attention. It might not seem like a big deal, but it'll mean a lot to him that he's got your full attention.


Wear What He Likes

Men and women often have different ideas of what's stylish or even sexy, but we can compromise on occasion. If your significant other loves it when you wear a certain outfit or likes your hair done a certain way, remember it the next time you get dolled up or just do it any random day and surprise him.


Compliment Him

Everyone likes getting compliments and your significant other is no exception.Give him a genuine compliment on his appearance, his skills or anything you admire about him. It'll make him feel good and he'll appreciate the kind words.

Just keep in mind everyone likes to feel appreciated and special. Having someone do little gifts for you or say something sweet goes a long way. There is no need to pull a Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, but anytime your thinking of your crush pick up the phone and tell them. As long as it isn't twenty times a day! Try these tips out, and who knows maybe because you did something nice you'll receive something in return!

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Hey I have a friend who, I swear it's like she has a 6th sense, always detects when I have a crush on someone and starts to flirt with them. And she always gets their attention and i feel like it's because she's so much prettier than me and im so embarrassing lol but Could you possibly do an article on what to do if you have a flirty friend and you're not the flirtatious type?

@kiley You should do a article about how to get another girl if your a girl:)

Childish things

Nice and insightful


This made me text one of my crushes and know that its fine to text the guy first and show him I care (: thank you ! :)

Thanks @KileyColeman you were a lot of help!

Guys n girls !! In today world only thinks of sex they will have wen dey first met each other !!

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