7 Non-Conventional Ways to Say "I Love You" ...


Sometimes you just need some non-conventional ways to say “I Love You.” Maybe you are trying to show support for a family member. Perhaps your significant other needs just a bit more loving reassurance. These non-conventional ways to say “I love you” will help you get your sweet message across.

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Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes Leaving cute little notes around your house or in their stuff is one of the easiest non-conventional ways to say “I Love You.” Your notes could be inspirational quotes to help them through the day, or perhaps a funny drawing stuck to the lunch bag or briefcase. Even a knock-knock joke will do. The point is to personalize the message to their personality and make them feel special.


Random Gifts

Random Gifts I don’t think that there is a single person out there who despises gifts. Random gifts, however, are even better. When someone doesn’t expect to be appreciated, they are even more grateful. To get this right you must be sure to match the gift to your loved one. For example, my mom is an avid reader, so for her I would probably get a customized bookmark or even a series of books that she has not discovered yet.


“Just Thinking of You” Texts

“Just Thinking of You” Texts We all have moments during the day where something happens or someone says something, and we are instantly reminded of someone we know. Well, tell them! People love, love, and love to be reminded of themselves. Don’t you? Just shoot your loved one a quick message saying what you saw or heard that made you think of them. Trust me; they will be that one person just smiling down at their phones that we all see.


Record a Mini Video

Record a Mini Video This is another cute way to say “I Love You.” You can record a video saying just that or you can get really creative and go above and beyond. Your video could be a mini silent movie where all of your dialogue is written on flashcards. You could make a funny video that’s just for laughs. Whatever you do, they just love the fact that you took time and put in effort towards making their day a little bit better.


Remind Them of Moments You Have Shared

Remind Them of Moments You Have Shared Now this one can be taken in a range of different directions. You could simply mention the moments in a conversation. Something like “Remember when you… I really enjoyed that.” Even though it may sound incredibly corny for you to say, they gloat in the fact that you remember something about them.


Forgo the Usual Routine

Forgo the Usual Routine If you and your significant other have a regular Saturday morning routine, shake it up a bit. Instead of just lying in bed, why not fix them up a gourmet breakfast. You could even step it up a notch and take them out to some fancy breakfast diner. Perhaps you all always go to the same place for your date nights. Why not switch it up and take them to some place new? Take time to make them feel special and loved.


Send or Bring Them Lunch

Send or Bring Them Lunch Lunch time, I would say, is the point in the day where many of us lose our momentum. Well go ahead and send your loved one some lunch. If they are the type to work straight through lunch, this will earn you some serious brownie points. If you have the time, you could shoot them a quick message saying you’re on your way to rescue them, then take them out to a favorite spot.

Whatever you do, make sure you put a bit of thought into it. Your loved ones will really appreciate your non-conventional “I love you.” These are just a few ways; do you have any of your own?

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