15 Excitingly Obvious Signs It's a Good Relationship ...


What is a good relationship?

I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for, but if you want a long-lasting, loving, and overall toe-tingling relationship, keep reading!

Here are 15 excitingly obvious signs it’s a good relationship.

1. You’re Both Respectful

You’re Both Respectful

One of the easiest ways to tell what is a good relationship from what is not is respect.

If you respect him, and he respects you, feel free to move forward.

But if he’s disrespectful, or if you often feel less-than-respectful of him, it’s not a good, healthy relationship, and it won’t be later, either.

You’re Excited to See Each Other


So, here's my problem. My boy and I have issues with 1, 2, and 6. But besides that, everything is great. I am always so excited to see him (we go to separate colleges) and love just being around him. He makes me laugh and we have the best time together. He also knows me well enough to call me on my bs and make me think about things. However, sometimes his comments come off as hurtful. He says I need to not be overly sensitive, but when I ask him not to bring up a subject more than once, I feel it's fair for me to be upset when he does, especially when it's something I'm insecure about. I could see myself marrying him, but we've been fighting so much lately. And our entire 1 1/2 yr long relationship has had various ups and downs. How can I make this work?
Sounds like you are wicked happy Samantha! Keep it up and good luck to you both!
Hey Homecoming! How was the dance? Were you able to hint at the kissing? Just lean in a little, flirt a bit and play coy, I promise he'll know what to do next. As far as knowing how to kiss? It comes natural. Once he kisses you, your gut will tell you what to do! I hope it all worked out for you!
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