7 Signs She's a Man Stealer ...


7 Signs She's a Man Stealer ...
7 Signs She's a Man Stealer ...

Some of these things on my list are perfectly normal, sometimes. However, when you mix them together and have multiple signs from my list, then she is probably a man stealer. Below, I am going to give you 7 signs she’s a man stealer …

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She’s Very Touchy

Whenever your man is around, it seems as if she is always touching him. She can’t seem to keep her paws off of him. Even worse, she hangs on him as if he is already her man. He always has a weird look on his face when she does this, as if he does not want her touching him. Feel free to have a talk with her and tell her that he doesn’t like her touching him all the time. Let her know that it is not something that you are comfortable with either.


She Tries to Get His Attention

She always tries to grab his attention when he is in the room. She is not happy with anyone else’s attention, except for his. She goes out of her way just to get his attention.


She Talks about Your Man a Lot

It seems as if she talks about your man more than you talk about him. You may want to ask her what this infatuation with your man is.


She Constantly Calls Your Man

She is constantly calling your man on the phone. She does it just to talk to him. Perhaps you should ask your man what is up with those constant calls from her.


She Doesn’t Mind Backstabbing Her Friends

She never seemed to care about her friends. In fact, she will backstab them in an instant, without thinking twice. If there is something she wants, then she will go out of her way to get it and she does not care who she hurts in the process.


She Doesn’t Care if the Man is Married

In the past, she has talked about men who were married. When you warned her that the man was married, she simply told you that she did not care if she was married. This is never a good thing. You should never mess around with a married man, it only spells trouble.


She’s Done It before

That’s right, your friend has stole your man before. In fact, she has done it to many different people. It actually feels that every man she gets has been someone else’s man at one point in time. Really, this is not the type of friend you should have around. If she does not have a good track record, then you should find another friend that does.

Those are 7 signs she’s a man stealer. You should always watch out for those man stealers. Usually, it’s not the guy you have to worry about, it is the girl hanging around the guy you have to worry about. So, do you have any experience with girls who take your man and enjoy doing it?

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hi(: so i read all the tips, and i have still having a hard time trying with my problem. here’s my problem I have a friend we have recently started to hangout together, we go on walks and stuff like that. we both know this one guy, she tells me that me and him make a cute couple and stuff like that we can both tell he’s really into me, but my friend will say something positive about me and him then say a lot of negative things. she “has a boyfriend” and likes another guy, i can tell she has a little crush on the guy i was talking about she told me she liked him 2 years ago but she is constantly talking about him and always wants to walk on his street (the guy she likes lives on the same street but on the other end) she talks to the guy that likes me more than i get to talk to him!! The guy and I aren’t in “a relationship” but it seems like we’re almost there. do you think my friend is a “Man-Snatcher” sorry about the really long comment but i need to know!

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