How to Get out of a Bad Relationship ...


Dating is hard.

Being in a relationship is really difficult.

I've been with my now wife for almost nine years and sometimes, your relationship is like your job;

sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it.

If you are in the wrong type of relationship but have absolutely no idea how to get out of it, there is a way.

Not all relationships work out girls.

It's okay to say that you've had enough and that it isn't for you.2

Take a look at my 7 tips on how to get out of a bad relationship and gain your life back!

1. Don't Just Be 'Comfortable'

How many times have you heard 'I'm just so comfortable' in your relationship versus you actually love being in a relationship?

You don't ever just want to be comfortable in your relationship.

You want to still have the ability to surprise one another … and if you don't, that's one surefire way to know that you've got to get out of this bad relationship.

Never Settle for Less than You Are Worth


Thank you Heather for this article!
To all who are hurting, you arey sisters. I love you and have confidence in you! I have started a book to help women and men in relationships like these. I am no longer a victim but a survivor of abuse! You will be a survivor! BTW... My ex is now abusing is current wife. She has reached out to me. I did not have the perfect escape plan, but I still made it! I've got your backs. Love yourself! BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU!!
Cristy, you can do this! I did and NEVER looked back. My marriage was 18 years old when I walked out. I also had children. I was physically, emotionally, and spirituality abused! Isolated from friends and family. It started on our "honeymoon" when he put a knife to my throat. It continued in ways that were inhuman! I just walked away. Took only my car and clothes. He set fire to my new home, damaged my car, and took my children... Had to pay him child support.. He took me all the way down to the depths of HELL! But I fought my way back to life. I have remarried to a man who loves me mor than I could ever imagine. I am CHERISHED by him. I CHERISH him! I look 20 years younger! Seriously! I am 63! Look at my picture. You are beautiful, precious,, valued, needed, strong , worthy, etc. DON'T BE AFRAID.
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