7 Positive โœ… Things You Can Take from Your Bad Relationship ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ ...

Coming out of a bad relationship is difficult. Iโ€™ve been where you are and I can promise you it does get better. Time is very healing in this circumstance. One good thing about a bad relationship is that thereโ€™re life lessons you learn that can help you to never go through this again.

1. To Raise Your Standards

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Maybe you can look back and see you put up with way too much. Most of us have found ourselves in that position. The important thing is to make a decision on what you will and wonโ€™t tolerate in a relationship going forward. You have the right to set boundaries on how others treat you. Take this time to think about what your boundaries will be in your next relationship.

2. Youโ€™re Stronger than You Think

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Another thing you learn when youโ€™re coming out of a bad relationship is that youโ€™re stronger than you realized. You get to know yourself in a new way. While going through a bad relationship is difficult, thereโ€™re good things that can come of it such as this one. Youโ€™ll always know the strength of character you have. It can give you confidence in a new way because you know youโ€™re strong.

3. You Canโ€™t Change Other People

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This one is so very hard to understand. I know that it took me years to really get this when I was in a bad relationship. You cannot change other people. You only have the power to change yourself. Yes, you can encourage others but they have to want to change within themselves. Once you learn this, itโ€™s actually very freeing.

4. To Honor Your Feelings

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Your feelings matter! Itโ€™s easy to feel as if they donโ€™t when youโ€™re in a bad relationship because they probably arenโ€™t being given the validation they deserve. At those times you have to validate them yourself. You have to realize your own self-worth and importance. If someone doesnโ€™t value you then they donโ€™t deserve you.

5. What Deal Breakers Are for You

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When I came out of a bad relationship years ago, something I did was sit down and brainstorm. What were my deal breakers? Thisโ€™s an important step to take before you enter a new relationship. If you need to, sit down and make a list so that you have it in black and white to refer back to later. This can be helpful when youโ€™re feeling swept away by the emotions of a new relationship.

6. What You Donโ€™t Want in a Relationship

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Itโ€™s okay to think about what you donโ€™t want in a relationship; in fact, you should. These arenโ€™t the deal breakers, theyโ€™re more negotiable things. But itโ€™s good to know what you do and donโ€™t want in a partner. Thisโ€™s something else I did when I came out of a bad relationship. I actually sit down and made a list of what I did and didnโ€™t want in my next relationship and I stayed true to it and found someone who loves me deeply.

7. What to Look for Next Time

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When you take the time to think over what youโ€™re looking for in your next relationship then youโ€™re saving yourself heartache down the road. Youโ€™re able to go into your next relationship using more than just emotions. Youโ€™re using logic. Using both your head and heart are important in a relationship. Chemistry absolutely matters in relationships but itโ€™s only one element.

Theseโ€™re 7 life lessons you learn from bad relationships. Are you in a bad relationship or coming out of one? What lessons have you learned?

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