7 Masculine Traits You Should Look for in a Partner ...


Your partner doesn't have to be a manly man with huge muscles and facial hair, but he should have a few important masculine traits.

If he does, then you'll feel safe and satisfied.

Here are a few of the sexiest, traditionally masculine traits you should look for in a partner:

1. Protective

When you fall asleep next to your partner, you want to feel safe.

If there's a bump in the night, you want to feel like your partner could protect you from any burglar or monster that storms into the room.

Your boyfriend doesn't have to be the most muscular man around, but he does have to provide you with a sense of security.



Why does a man need to be the provider? There are plenty of other traits in a PARTNER one could hope to find.
Tenacious Ange
Sounds perfect!
I enjoyed this article. Even got a few good laughs in 😄
This is a good list but why are you calling them "masculine traits" instead of just "traits"? Women got these traits too
Great list!
Ali M
And sensitive - someone that's good at listening and understanding. Isn't afraid of feeling.
Don't agree with 2
I'm lovin this list
ha i wasn't looking for them in him, but i got it, most of them anyway lol!
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