7 Reasons Girls Are Attracted to Bad Boys and How to Move past That ...


There are reasons girls are attracted to bad boys. Unfortunately, not every story that involves a bad boy has a happy ending. Many of the endings are sad and leave a girl heartbroken. If you talk to a woman past her mid-twenties, you usually find out about how there was a bad boy in her past and about the lesson she learned from that experience. Let’s talk about the reasons girls are attracted to bad boys and how to move past that.

1. It’s a Challenge

One of the reasons girls are attracted to bad boys is that they seem like a challenge to them. It is something they have to work for. It isn’t always easy to get a bad boy’s attention. You don’t always learn there is a reason for that till much later. The reason is usually because a classic bad boy’s mind is on other things besides finding a good, caring girl to date.

They Believe They Can Tame Them


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Hey I need help with a bad boy!
But sometimes you have to go through that experience. Even if it causes heartbreak..
this post is so true! thanks
Irene Kim
I've tamed my bad boy. Lol. Its true. He's my man and no matter what he says he always comes to #1 me! A girl has to be fierce stern, get him to understand where you stand be the alpha female. Girls you've got this.
Absolutely true.Thanks for posting this!
Bad boys ain't no good and the good boys ain't no fun
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