9 Reasons Not to Give Him a Chance ...


Guys can be excellent salesmen, to enchant you to like them, love them, and date them, but there are obvious reasons not to give him a chance no matter how hard he tries to impress you. Not to say that all guys are out to break your heart, but if you notice any of the following things, see them as clear reasons not to give him a chance.

1. He Compares You to His Ex

One of the biggest reasons not to give him a chance is if the guy you’re either dating or crushing on compares you to his ex. You're a beautiful strong woman who needs to feel proud living in her own skin! Don’t ever let a guy make you feel like #2. You will know pretty quickly where he stands with feelings for you because if he always brings her up or says things like, “you have a cute smile just like Jamie” then run the other direction! Give him time and space to first get over his ex.

He 's Rude to Your Friends


Sounds like a guy I have been hung up on for way too long
Sounds like my ex. Except for the booty call part :). Never again! :)
Wanita Brown
My reasons, are inter-related, with what is been short-listed in the lists
I really wish I seen this a long time ago
Adea R. Ademi
im also considering a guy..but we are so confused and there are many problems..one of them: he doesnt seem like he has a "direction" as u said..i dont mean he should get a really good degree or smth i...
Kirstie Mills
These are all good but number 7 isn't a big deal to me, that just sounds like a women who wants money. My boyfriend works in a fish factory and he loves his work/work mates! I don't need him to go get...
I wish I would have seen this 2 months ago before I caught my love sleeping with another chick!
chrise taylor
I had a guy I was really into lie about a actual relationship he was in. he made it seem as if he and the girl were friends and she had no place to go. after a while I noticed that was a lie.
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